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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Computer Woes

    Hi Everyone,

                    Are you all still there?

                               I wouldn't blame you one bit if you left me.

                                        But please don't....pretty please?

First , my computer went into some kind of electrical, cyber version of cardiac arrest.

I rushed it over to The Computer Hospital (I'm not kidding ...(that's the real name of the place) where I sat in a sort of waiting room area ( I'm not kidding about that one either) with other poor owners of dying computers. We all cradled our computer towers or laptops like a parent holding a child in an emergency room.... and like all Mothers who congregate in one place... we started to talk about our babies.....

"Awww, whats wrong with yours?"

"I think..virus." Says one. "and yours?" She points to the laptop in another woman's lap.

"Fell....now I think something inside is broken."

Up front a nice old gentleman said "Next!....".

"Now...how are you young lady?"  He greets me.

(OK, I already love the guy 'cause he called me "young".)

I giggle a bit..."I'm fine."

"Now what seems to be the problem?"

"I think my computer might have gotten a bad virus."

"Well then, lets check 'er in and fix 'er."

...and that was that. I left my old dilapidated crappy old-as-the-hills computer in the hands of some cyber guru who told me that everything was going to be OK.

A few days and 245.00  later my old computer was back with me and everything was back to normal....

and when I say normal I mean that It's still SLOW

                          The speakers are now Non functioning

                               and some weird alert keeps flashing telling something about the CPU usage.

So back to the ER it may have to go...


                             ...but this time I may just tell them to pull the plug


  1. SO sorry! How old IS it anyway? I have heard that CPU term but still don't know what it means! Please keep us updated!

    1. Hi Ginny! I have missed you! I'm embarressed to say that my computer is at least 11 years old....in computer terms that is very very very old.

  2. What is is doing exactly? My son knows a bit about these things. I love the Puss picture.

    1. Oh and I have missed you:)!

    2. Well Ma it keeps telling me that the CPU usage is high, but for the life of me I can't figure out where the heck I should look or if I should just bring it back....UGH. I am so happy to hear from you too!

    3. My son said CPU means your processor is probably just too old and running too many things. He wants to know details, like your operating system, processor brand, computer, if the computer is really loud or hot all the time, etc. I agree with the other ladies here, you'd probably be better off getting a new one for as much as a new processor would cost.

  3. Of course we're still here....sorry you've been having gadget problems. Such a pain isn't it?

    1. Hi Delores, It seems that I am ALWAYS having some kind of computer issues. We are just hoping to get one more year out of it and maybe by then we could afford a good fancy shmancy set up :0)

  4. OH no hun! The cost it is to repair them sadly is almost the cost of a new machine. What a society we live in that it is easier to throw away instead of fix. Miss you girl and I'm sorry I haven't been by.

    My laptop screen died 2 weeks ago, not the laptop just the screen go figure but to replace would be like you around $200 - $300 thankfully my bosses took pitty on me and sent me a new laptop. Now the old one is jimmy rigged with a screen i had plugged into it and the boys are using it. LOL

    1. Hi Alexis! You are so right. With all the money that I have spent on this thing combined...I could have bought a really updated computer. So happy that you stopped by!

  5. I am glad to see you are back. Thank you for stopping by my blog. We have an old laptop and I asked my husband to look at it to see if we could possibly give it to you. After looking it over he said it is not good for anything. I was really hoping it would be good enough to give to you until you could get another one. I am sorry you had to spend 245.00 and still having problems.

    1. Awwww aren't you the sweetest! Thank you for thinking of me. As for us its ok. If this computer problem Is the worst that happens then we'll Consider ourselves lucky.thanks again For your sweet guesture!

  6. Doesn't it suck when out baby is sick and not up to working the way we want them too.............any yes I am taliking about our computers when I say baby...........sometimes we want it nursed back to health other times we just want to drop kick the bloody thing because it has given us such a bloody headach...........well I feel like drop kicking mine at times and my daughter Jessica often feels like it she doesn't have a lot of luck with computers or cars...........lol

  7. Sorry for your visits to the ER, Joanne. I hope your little one gets total reconstructive surgery at no extra cost. Otherwise, I'd suggest adopting a new one. There are so many unwanted ones out there that need new homes.

    It's great seeing you again, Joanne.
    Take care,

  8. PS I meant "good" homes, not "new" homes. But I do hope you get a new home too, if you want one. =)

  9. HAHA! I hate getting a new computer though, b/c there's so much to learn. Everything changes!


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