Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Me Time

       Soooooo, both my Kids are at camp for the week.

                    and there they go...
Whoo Hoo...Time for some ME TIME

what to do what to do...

spend some quality time with my dog?

                              Uh....he's a bit tired

                         Well, theres the veggie garden...

Hmmm, yep...it's still there

 I took a picture of our Butterfly Bush

   Well whataya know...it actually lives up to it's name

    Lets see if Max is up for playing a game of fetch

Nope not ready yet

maybe I'll finally get to read one of the books
 I keep saying I'll get to "later"

After ten minutes I was doing this...
Dog Falling Asleep

so I had a little snackaroo
Squidward eating Krabby Pattie

Then a little of this

 OK, maybe watch a bit of TV? 

oh oh...not again.
Cat Falls Asleep

 OK, back to Max
Nope not ready



  1. You'll get over it lol....just enjoy the naps.

    1. LOL! Nap time is over for me....gotta get back to work!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous and healthy. And such a beautiful shot. It's only a week...

    1. Hi Ginny, It's so weird not having both here. Last year it was just my daughter that went. I am getting a taste of empty nest and so far...I don't like it. I am happy it's just a week.

  3. How sweet . . . I know the feeling and it doesn't leave with age. My daughter is forty and I have two darning granddaughters. When they visit it is a whirlwind of activity and when they leave I take a deep breath and feel relaxed, only to be missing them like crazy within an hour or two :)
    That's what being a Mom is all about.
    Have a lovely weekend and do get some rest, you'll need it when they return all excited and filled with stories of their adventure.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. I bet you figured out how to have a little bit of fun....I sure hope you did! Enjoy your evening! Sweet hugs, Diane


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