Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Shoe Designers are Satan's Minions...I'm Convinced

This is what Shoe Designers want us to buy and wear (and break our legs in) this year. Have you ever seen Celebrities trying to walk in these? What are designers thinking? I'm 5' 7" It seems like I would be about 6' 1" or 2" in this puppies. I'm suffering from vertigo just looking at this.
No Problem, I can buy chopped meat, milk and butter in this.
This is perfect for Church

                                       The ladies at the P.T.A will be soooo jealous! Far be it for me to opt out of an opportunity to spruce myself up. So here is a video of me trying to be a bit more glam.


  1. thanks for your comment on my post. i do love poetry. i would kill myself in those high,high, heels. enjoyed your video, good sense of humour. i would go with the boots or if i could wear my slippers that would be my choice. take care. rose

  2. No way could I manage in those shoes. :-) They are not even pretty.

  3. cute shoes but i would never be able to walk in them give me my tennis shoes anyday

  4. Thanks for the laughs. i haven't been able to wear any heels - maybe kitten heels but they're difficult -- for so many years but it's fun to look at them - i really hate the latest ones that look like something Minnie mouse would wear -- not stylish at all...

  5. Joanne, you are too freaking funny LOVE LOVE that video you girls are too funny! I'd choose the comfy boots also, working from home has made me really redo my foot choice.

  6. @Rose~Thanks!I would go grocery shopping in my slippers if I could.

    @Beth~Totally agree!

    @Becca~Tennis shoes are the best!

    @I Wonder Wye~I think Minnies shoes would be an improvement...and more comfy

    @Alexis~Glad you liked the video! Thanks!


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