Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Question

                                      Here's a question for ya.....
If you had unlimited funds and could live in one of these three places which one would you choose?
 In a beautiful house on a mountain-top?

 A beautiful house on a beach?

Or an Upscale apartment in New York City?

I took 10 minutes or so to to dream of what it would be like to live in one of those places and I wonder if it would truly make me happy....maybe I'm not cut out to be an upscale kind of girl, but it would be nice to try it on for size just once.  


  1. I would live in the house on the beach. I love to listen to the ocean at night. Very soothing. I enjoy the gentle breezes. I could really get use to that life style.

  2. Ha ~ well if we had UNLIMITED funds, we would of course have all 3 of those houses!! We grew up going to CO for vacations (from NE)- so always have loved the mountains, but we have lived on the east and west coast all out married life, so we LOVE the Ocean the most and our daughter is a Traveling Pediatric ER nurse who is working at a big hospital right in middle of NYC and we LOVE going to visit her! Congrats to you also on being a survivor ~ Strength, courage and hope. . . .every day!! (Cancer is such a crappy disease!!)

  3. I choose none of them. If I had true peace of mind I would be happy living anywhere. :-)

  4. I chose the beach house. I love the water and as I get older I love the warm winters even more.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you like the yarn color. Without hesitation it would be the beach for me. If I shut my eyes I can picture it right now.
    Have a great day,

  6. @Cindy Caudle~ I love the sound of the ocean too.

    @Ollie McKay's~ All Three? YAY!

    @Beth~ So true, but every now and then I say hummmmm what if- but then again I don't think I would fit in.

    @ms nk rey~ Ah to retire by the beach sounds like Heaven!

    @Mereknits~ Sounds good to me!

  7. Hi Joanne! What a great question! Tough one, though. I think one of each, too! That way I could escape to the mountains for cool springs and summers, visit the beach in during those really cold winter months and shop at all the best spots anytime! Its the best of all three!

  8. House on the beach! House on the beach! Definitely house on the beach! lol

  9. @Paige Harmon~ all three best of all worlds!

    @Sandra~I am totally there too. me and my old lady bathing suit!

    Thanks everyone for joining me in my little day dream. Most of you chose the beach or all three...well lets go...last one hitting the waves is a rotten egg!!!!


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