Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Punch in The Night

                   OK I think I secretly want to beat up my Husband...and I don't know why. I love him with all my heart but throughout our almost 16 year marriage I think I have hit him about ten or so times. I mean really let him have it. I've hit him in the face, the gut, the arms; all while we were asleep. The poor guy. Last night I socked him so hard in the arm, that he gasped and our dog actually stood at attention waiting to sound an alarm. I don't know if I actually hit him or I'm merely stretching my limbs and he just happens to be in the way. You know that smidgen of time between sleep and wakefulness where everything is comfy and sort of floaty? Well, that comfy most comfiest time is where I find myself with a elbow or knee pressed firmly on his back or worse heading directly toward a place which would cause him to talk a couple of octaves higher. I have even awakened him once by a night terror that I think was the reason his hair turn a bit grey. A lesser man would probably opt out but he laughs it off. He's a tough guy, and I guess it doesn't happen often enough to merit alarm. But just to be on the safe side I think today I'm going to buy him some Hockey gear.....ya never know.  ;o)

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  1. hehe I've had those same thoughts. Rick is not so easy going about it ... lol


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