Wednesday, February 02, 2011

To Go Or Not To Go Camping

From my handy dandy Greetings Workshop
      We had a little bit of an ice situation this morning. It was everywhere! The roads were covered in sheets of ice and the school kindly gave us a early morning call to let us know school was closed...again. The kids were thrilled. Plans had to be changed and everyone stayed home. My Husband took advantage of his day off and started to plan our vacation/s for the year. Usually we go camping.

"Joanne, don't call it camping. Staying in an air-conditioned cabin is not camping!"

OK did you hear that people? My Hubby wants me to let you know that what we do is not real camping...though it is for a city girl like me.

"Maybe we shouldn't go this year Joanne...I mean you hate it."

"I love it, what makes you say that?"

"You complain the whole time we are there."

"I don't complain. I comment."


"I do everything...I fish. I hike and cook outside."

"You refused to bait the hook."

"I hate worms.They're yucky."

"You wouldn't come out to the campfire and when you finally was only for a few minutes."

"The mosquitoes were eating me alive."

"You freaked out when the fish swam around you in the lake"

"I thought it was a snake."

"You complained when we went on the hike."

"I thought I heard a bear."

"You were the only one who wanted to sleep with a mosquito net."

"I felt like spiders were gonna crawl on me."

"You ran away from a chipmunk."

"It looked at me funny."

"We are getting nowhere here Joanne,  I think we should just skip it this year."

"NOOOOOOO...but I love camping!"       ;^)


  1. You crack me up. You're so funny!!
    Your sister, Lisa

  2. Ah, a city girl after my own heart! My hubby took us camping once. We had a 3 1/2 yr old, an 18 mo old, and I was 8 1/2 mos pregnant! And we stayed in a tent! (There were real bathrooms a few feet away.) Needless to say, we never did that again. But even a cabin is usually a bit too woodsy for me--unless I can just stay inside and read the whole time! :)

  3. Yup not happening I suck and I know it but bugs and outdoors so not my friend ... lol


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