Friday, February 25, 2011

The Making of a Blogger Horror Movie

Greetings Workshop

              So here I am type, type, typing away. I look at my follower's column; It tells me I have 17 followers .  I go to my dashboard again to edit...all is well....wait, I look to my right and it says I have 16 followers! 16? but just a second ago it said 17 what the.....where is she?  OK I am in a panic (not really,  but its good for the overall feel of the post) where could she have gone?....OH MY .......She's MISSING! (cue the horror movie music)

                             TAWN...... TAWN........TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

"J, J get in here!"

"What Mom?." J answers as she walks in with her ipod that is permanently attached to her head.

"J, you need to help me....I've lost......a follower!"


"Just help me look for her!"

"Don't panic Mom, where did you last see her?"

"She was right there right between  Sandra  and  Lisa !"

"Maybe she moved her little picture to another spot on the followers section."

"I've looked, she is not next to Becca or  JennI tried to ask Chelssie, but she is so busy with her baby that I didn't want to bother her."

"Did you ask Alexis or Beth?"

"No, They were too busy cooking. I did try to knock on  Miss Sally's Door, but she was busy teaching a class."  I've asked RoseSugar MommyMaDan,  Cindy,  Paige, and Mini and even Jody No one has seen her!"

"Maybe she fell on the floor."

 We looked everywhere. After we exhausted our efforts J said......

                    (cue violins and ominous clouds rolling in)

"Mom, face it...
                      (dramatic soap opera pause)
                                                                  ... you've been....


Cue lightening and claps of thunder...tight shot of my face contorted in a silent movie scream......cue sound...........


That's a wrap.

Today ya get two posts check out Coffee Art below this post


  1. Joanne, thanks for the morning chuckle!!! lol I have a question for you as a mom, why is it that no one in the house besides me seems to be able to change a toilet roll, fill the milk jug, tiny the dishes,clean the toilet!! My hubbie helps out alot, but men just dont seem to see the mess like i do. Am i crazy!!! LOL I got up early this morning, and I take the time to sit by myself!! and have a Tea, No milk bag in the container, counter messy that i just cleaned up last night. Argggh. Well at least i have my tea!! lol So again thanks for making me laugh!!

  2. Just checkin out the coffee art when this post popped up:O

    I was UNFOLLOWED twice.. one day!


  3. LOL!! Loved this. I have been un-followed a time or two. It really hurts. ;-)

  4. @ Looking glass minatures~ Hi Jenn, its in their DNA i think. My Husband has NEVER in the 16 years we've been married EVER EVER EVER cleaned the bathroom. I think he think it's self-cleaning. But good thing he's a cutie, or else he'd be in alot more trouble!!!I can't be mad at him for long. LOL

    @Ma~ Awww the people who unfollowed you are WRONG! the coffee art is below the other post~ I posted them in wrong order and when I fixed it it was still labled wrong on other blogs. Thanks for the comment, now I don't feel so bad!

    @Beth~ Glad it made you smile! Have a great Day! Its raining here so I hope your weather is better.

  5. hehe

    Sorry girlie I know it sucks lately it has been happening to me lately. I'm like what did I say or do. I thought you like me :(.

    I love ya girl I'm not going anywhere.

  6. Just wait till you're de- blogrolled.....

    (fainting emoticon here)


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