Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Friend I've Never Met

            A few Days ago I e-mail a friend . She is a friend I've never met. She was there for me when I was sick in a way that no one else could because I truly believe that she was an answer to a prayer that I had not yet prayed.

            Have you ever had something or someone enter you life at just the right time? Just when you needed a comforting smile  they appeared or you are feeling so down that you can't reach out , but the phone rings and there they are?  I am not much of a seamstress, but for some reason I wanted to make an apron. simple I thought, but I just couldn't do it.

 So I went to the Net to find a way to make a pretty one. I found instead a web site of a family that lives a pretty simple life style. The women in the family wear caps (Like the Amish) and long dresses and they live on a pretty self sustaining farm. They are not Amish ~ they use computers, but everything else seems to point to the Simple way of life for them.  I sent her an e-mail on how much I liked her web site. She answered back. I found that she was the exact same age as me and we were even born in the same month. She is married, has grown children. She makes her own clothes, takes care of the farm and has her own craft/bake goods store.

It was  just a few weeks later that I found out I had cancer and I don't know why, but one late night I wrote to her pouring out my fears for my family and myself. I wrote that I was scared to pray for what I wanted because maybe It was better to pray for what He wanted for me. She wrote back such unbelievable letters of faith and love. She wasn't preaching, she told me that God loved me and that he wanted me to go to him and ask for help as a child would come to their parent for help and comfort. She prayed for me. And that is what I needed right then and there.

 Never once did she tell me you have to believe this way or we're right you're wrong sort of thing she accepted me and I accepted her. This time she wrote about her family and I did as well. I don't think we will ever meet face to face. I would be useless on her farm and she would probably not be comfortable here. And beside what would I serve to someone who grows her own food and bakes her own bread everyday? Frozen waffles and Jimmy Deans? No, that wouldn't be right. Even so...she was an answer to a prayer not yet prayed. We are friends, and I do love her, even though I've never met her.


  1. What a great story...
    I, too, have a few very dear sisters that I have never met 'in person' who have helped me to grow in Christ.

    I do believe we will all meet oneday though:)

  2. I have never been that lucky with friends,but it seems i have also found some kindered spirits on the web. God sends up what we need and we dont even realise it at the time. I have a cold again,grrrr so im not going to leave a long email, but I do have a very personal experience in the matter of faith and God. It's about my son chris. I also wanted to let you know that you have given me the strengh to start yet another blog, and put some of my thoughts in it. I have not put anything on it yet but have made it at least. lol. Im sending you my biggest hug and prayers for you and your family.


  3. lovely post and i to have a special friend i've never met she lives in Norway and she makes my day very bright with her emails

  4. This is a beautiful story that just made my heart feel good. Yes, I have friends I have made online through my blogs the last 6 years. They saw me through the last year of my husbands life as he was fighting lymphoma. The emails and telephone calls were tremendous. I even met two of them in person. God is good.
    I am so happy you are in remission now.

  5. @ Ma~ Thank you so much~such and great feeling isn't it! :o)

    @ Looking Glass Miniatures~ Hi Jenn! I would love to hear about your Story with your Son Chris. I think It is so cool that you are starting another blog! Let me know when you start I want to be your first follower!!! P.S. Feel better soon.

    @ Becca~ Isn't it great how you can make friends with people all around the world? Awesome!

    @ Beth~ I am so happy that you had all that support when you were going through that horrible time in your life. And how wonderful that you got to meet a few of them! What a Blessing!

  6. This is a wonderful story. I think it is amazing how God uses technology to bring people together. He uses people we would never meet any other way to minister to us through emails and blogs. It is sort of like the old pen pal thing of days gone past.

    You are a blessing. I praise God that your are in remission. I also praise Him for the people He has brought into your life that you have never met. And, I praise Him for the people He brings into my life that I have never met.

  7. @ Retired English Teacher~ You are very kind. Thank you for your sweet comment. It means alot to me.


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