Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Losing Our Teachers

Norman Rockwell, Teacher's Birthday  Post Cover 1956
             Yesterday My Daughter J came home from school quite depressed. It seems that all throughout the school day Teachers were being called to the Principal's office. Before students could come up with and start false rumors the mystery was solve when one of her favorite teachers explained. It seems that The Governor has slashed our school district's funding. A lot and I mean a lot of teachers were told yesterday That come September they will no longer have a Job. How they finished the school day is beyond me. I thought of them often today. A sort of helplessness and deep disappointment engulfed me. Almost all of the teachers that have been working less than a certain amount of years are out. Last ones hired first ones fired. Main subject teachers like math are being laid off. That means yet bigger class sizes I'm sure. I thought of how many other things will be cut next year. Organized sports teams including the biggie Football---out. Careers classes-out. Band and Chorus-out.  Yesterday, My Daughter was sad. Today, she was angry.

"Mom, My favorite Teacher Miss A is laid off too! It's NOT FAIR!"

"I know it's not fair, lot of people all over the country are losing their jobs."

"I bet those people in the governors office aren't gonna lose their jobs."

"No, they're not."

"Well, then I'm making a petition and I'm gonna get EVERYBODY to sign it. If they see how much this is hurting people they'll change their minds."

She came straight home and wrote up a petition. Tomorrow she plans to get every one to sign. How can I tell her that it is probably futile? How can I tell her that it just doesn't work that way. I felt my heart break as she typed away on the computer. And then I thought; good for her, Damn it! She is not going down without a fight. She truly believes in this cause and she is willing to stand up and say NO! She is fighting for her Friends, for her Teachers that she admires and respects, and for keeping the good quality of the school she loves intact. I'm proud of her and I'm with her all the way.


  1. what an amazing daughter you have she is fighting for what she believes in that is awesome you did great with her. yay mom

  2. The same thing is happening in Illinois. Your daughter is to be commended for her thoughtfulness and caring. Encourage her.

  3. Oh NO that is just horrible those poor teachers already have so much on their plates and now to take on even more kids. It makes me so sad.

    We made the decision to put Cole in a faith based school next to us. He is a hyper kid and needs a little extra attention. We found an amazing one that was very reasonable and has 1st/2nd in one class room a total of 17 kids.

    What a proud mama you have to be, you have one amazing daughter and it takes people like her that will make the system better for all. And restore our faith in the school system.

  4. @Becca~Thankyou. She is amazing.I wish I was like her at that age.

    @Beth~I hope things go better in your area. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    @Alexis~It is very distressing. This Town is full of really hard working folk who have been beaten down and they still hang in there....and this school district was a gem of people who truly care. My heart breaks for the teachers and the kids.

  5. It is such a sad time in education. The teachers are being laid off, and classrooms are becoming filled with larger and larger classes.

    Beautiful, compassionate, caring children like you daughter deserve the best. You are doing a good job at home. That cannot be underestimated the most. The home is the first teacher. Any teacher would be extremely grateful to have your daughter as a student.

  6. it's great that your daughter feels so strong about the teacher situation. this is a shame that job losses are everywhere. thumbs up for your daughter. have a great Sunday. rose


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