Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Interview With Cinderella ;0)

Cindi's House
        So Valentine's day was yesterday and I wanted to check in with a girl responsible for one of the most romantic love stories ever told....Cinderella.

"Oh, Please call me Cindi."

"Thank you Cindi, So the last time we saw you; you were riding off in a horse-drawn carriage after your wedding to the prince."

"Yes, that was such an exciting day."

"Where did you go on your honeymoon?"

"A Disney cruise. We got a discount. It was a lot of fun!"

"Oh that makes sense. So how is it being married to Prince Charming?"


"Excuse me?"

"I said ehh. Right now we are going through a thing."

"Can you elaborate?"

"Sure, I sort of need someone to talk to. If Princely isn't around all I talk to are mice and a dog. You see life in the castle is not all rainbows and flowers all the time..."


"Most of the time it's great but you know like in all marriages it has it's good days and bad days. Like for instance yesterday was Valentine's day right? Everyone and their Mother gets flowers and candy...Well he brought me glass flip flops. wrong size too! I had them on for a minute before they shattered and tore up my feet...see? A girl wears ONE pair of glass slippers automatically everyone thinks that I am a weird shoe freak!"

"Hum, I can see that."

"Not only that Joanne, it's all the little things that he does that are driving me a bit crazy!"


"Like he leaves his sweaty tights everywhere! I mean seriously he can't put them in the hamper? What is up with that? And the gas..one can take just so much of that old pull my finger joke!"

"Sounds familiar."

"And the constant sports! Every Monday night he has to go watch Jousting. I mean I could use a night out too!"

"Got it."

"And you know whats worse? When he invites all his friends over to watch Dragon slaying on TV. His friends are such slobs. Prince Ferdinand (Snow White's husband)  Prince Eric (Arielle's husband) they behave like children."


"Oh yes, it's all Cinderella could you get me some chips and Cinderella could you get me some Meade and Cinderella, Cinderella night and day it's Cinderella! But you know who is the worst one of all? Well, its that Beast guy he is such a nightmare! He comes over eats all our food and the rest of the night walks around belching. I don't know how Belle lives with him!"

"I had no idea."

"And don't get me started with my Mother-in-law. She's like "This castle needs a bit of cleaning do you want me to lend a hand..it's obvious you need it. " and "That crown is too small for your big head"  then "I remember when my Son was dating that other girl she was sooooo lovely and came from a great family." and the one that really chaps my...."When are you going to give me Grand-kids? You are not getting any younger ya know."

"Yep that's frustrating."

"And just this morning she was complaining that I have too many vermin and birds in the house! They help me sew and clean! I can't clean this hundred room castle by myself! I mean who can't understand that?"

"Well, I never thought of it like...."

"Oh, And the neighbors! I keep begging Princely to move because the neighbors are always partying."


"Yes, those Seven dwarves never turn down the music! They have a Kegger every night!"

"Oh my."

"Oh and the neighbors to our left are no better they rev their carpet at all hours of the day and night. I finally had Princely go over there to talk to the guy, but the next thing I saw was My Husband and Aladdin flying around hooting and hollering like some school boys.....I just can't win!"

Knock Knock Knock

"Hey, am I interrupting something?"

"Oh no Prince we were just talking about you...my what pretty flowers!"

"They are for my girl, Cindi. I'm sorry I have been acting like a real jerk lately. Hey, Why don't we go out to Cafe' Minnie?"

"Oh Princely, You bought my favorite flowers! They are beautiful!"    Kiss Kiss hug hug.

This is where I let myself out. I guess love does have it's ups and downs even in a fairy tale marriage....camera pans back at the couple kissing....... and then fades to black.  ;0)


  1. Wonderful! I give you an A+ for creative writing. :D

  2. you crack me up girl! You know it marriage no matter what form is always bunch of twist and turns :)

  3. @Beth~ I rarely got A+'s in school so Thanks for that! ;o)

    @Becca~ Glad You enjoyed it!

    @Alexis~Glad it gave you a laugh!


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