Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Just Call Me Tink

I wish I had her figure!
        I am a big kid at heart. Is it any wonder that my favorite place in the whole wide world is Disney World? I have been in love with that place ever since I first saw The Magical World of Disney on T.V.  I went there for the first time in 1982 when Disney World consisted of only the Magic Kingdom.  In 1998 I went back with my new family (Hubby and nine month-old-daughter). Throughout the park you will find at different times Disney Characters; and as any little girl or any big girl knows Cinderella is the one to look out for. As I was holding my baby we walked into the park and there Cinderella stood greeting everyone. She was stunning. A line was forming and I turned to my husband and said "I'm so there." As we got closer in the line my Husband turned to me and seeing my excitement (and perhaps a bit worried about my mental state!) decided to try and burst my Disney bubble whispered  "Joanne, You do know that's just a girl dressed up there. She is probably about 19 years old."

"I know Hun, But....." I kept in time with the slow progression of the line waiting to get their picture taken with the princess.

He added "And J is a baby I mean she doesn't even know Cinderella yet...now if we see Winnie the Pooh well that's a different story." I think he just didn't get it.  The line barely moved but I would have stood there till the park closed if needed be.

"Hun, you don't understand Cinderella is my favorite." I couldn't believe I said that in a line full of people. I realized I wasn't there to get the autograph and picture for my daughter I was there for ME. As soon as I uttered those words another mom (who held the hands of twin girls) turned to me and with a childish grin said "She's every girl's favorite, I can't wait to meet her too!"
My Husband smiled and when it was our turn to meet the princess my Baby was a bit hesitant. Cindi (we are on a first name basis now) said sweetly "Oh that's alright I guess she is not used to being around princesses." I nodded and My Husband clicked the camera.
"Thank You Cinderella." I waved as we walked away. My Husband  smiled at me and said "I think I married Tinkerbell."

                  Clap your hands if you believe in  Fairies.*~*~*~*

Spent ten minutes today trying to figure out how we can go back to Disney!


  1. totally clapping hands i am so excited a fellow Disney fan. we are going again this June and i can't wait

  2. @Becca~AWWW I'm so excited too that I found another person that Loves Disney! :o)

  3. Ahhh that is so sweet. Tink is cute I would love to be like her :)


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