Friday, November 19, 2010

Successful Kids

                                                            The Tallest of Smalls
book by Max Lucado

     My Daughter made the Volley ball team. After four days of intense try-outs she was given a spot on the team. I was so proud of her but I was not surprised. She gives almost everything in her life the same intensity and vigor. She strives and works hard and is usually successful in whatever she tries and even when she doesn't succeed she tends to brush the disappointment off like an annoying bug. My son tries hard as well, but with one exception; usually the outcome is not what he'd like it to be. He also never gives up. Yesterday he ran a race at school. The three top winners would get medals and since I knew he is one of the fastest kids I kind of thought he might have a shot. He was part of the pack in the lead, then ...he was third! third! A medal I thought. He is going to get a medal! At the last moments another boy ran past him and scored the third place prize. My Son received a certificate along with all the others who ran. Instead of coming home crushed that he didn't win; he came home happy because his friend got the prized medal. My Daughter, put away the joy for her own success and looked at the generic certificate my son had in his hand. "Wow, that's awesome!" she said to her brother. He smiled and said "Yeah! I was forth. I missed it only by this much!" he pressed his pointer finger and thumb together. My Daughter is a go getter and my son looks at the glass as half full aways. My heart is filled with pride and for ten minutes+ we all enjoyed some hot chocolate and talked about their adventurous day. They both had a great day. And they were both successful.  Thank you God.

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