Wednesday, November 24, 2010


John Bell's Christian Art Gallery
       This year will be a very small Thanksgiving at our house. Only my Mom will being coming over. That is more than OK with me. I have in the last few years come to the realization that I have let others dictate and taken away my joy at the holidays. I stressed out over gifts and who is coming over for dinner and who is not. I have taken the dream of a perfect holiday reunion with all extended family and replaced it with a quiet contentment and gratefulness of what we have here right now this moment.The moment when I let go of that perfect dream (that haunted me all those years) that was the exact moment that I began to truly appreciate and enjoy the holidays. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will try to make a juicy turkey with all the fixin's. I will sit down with my Husband, my Children and my Mom and we will say grace. I am Thankful for so many Things.
Thank You God for my Children. For their Good Health, their hugs and kisses and their love for you
Thank You God for my Husband His Kindness and love for his family
Thank You God for My Mom for her ability to still be able to enjoy her Grandkids
Thank You God for my Husband's family their love and devotion to each other
Thank you God for my brothers and their families their struggles are lessened with your love
Thank you God for my friends and their uncanny ability to be able to laugh even in sorrow
Thank you God for opening my mind and heart to see your Grace and allowing me to stay here to witness more.

Thank You Dear Lord for everything!

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