Friday, November 05, 2010


                                                   (Picture from an old Saturday Night Live Skit)

             Recently I started to record old Laverne and Shirley episodes. This  morning I heard my Daughter laughing in the in the living room. She had stumbled upon the old reruns and thought they were hilarious.
"Mom, look at their outfits. I like them." she said. I took a good look at their jeans. The waist of their jeans seemed to reach up above the navel and then some. I remember that. In the 80's I wore them just like that! As I spend my days pulling and adjusting my own jeans I wonder WHY?????? Seriously who the heck thought It would be so comfy to wear jeans so darn low? Every time you bend down well HELLLOOOO Cracky! Now I am not or ever shall be a fan of mom jeans (Those pleated monstrosities that made back side look like two huge hams) I am simply asking for a jean that goes up high enough to stay there and make my butt look fab. I know we all just had an election and voted but somewhere between the health care bill and funding granted to measure cows farting (this is true sad but true) we post-pregnancy moms should have some kind of revolt about jeans. We could call it M.T.M.U.A.L.J.   Muffin Top Moms Unite Against Low-cut Jeans. We can march around Washington with our Low jeans and bare mid sections. Just the sight would make fashion designers run to correct their evil ways! Now I know there are some brands that have higher waists but I want to see them on the runway being worn by someone like me; 'cause lets face it; everything looks good on those skinny models. In the meantime I just spent 10 minutes looking for a pair of jeans in my closet that might fit. I will spend the day  tugging and lifting...and perhaps cursing once or twice. Maybe Mom Jeans aren't so bad.....ugh WHAT AM I SAYING!!!!!!!????

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