Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken Castles

            I love fairytales. So it makes sense that I would love Castles; and I do. I have a small collection of perfect castles or should I say I did. Throughout the years they have mysteriously cracked shattered and chipped their way into oblivion. The first to go was a gorgeous globe with a exquisite fairytale castle inside. It was given to me by my Husband and destroyed by him as well. I didn't even have the luxury of getting mad at him because he broke while he was trying to help me by vacuuming. How could I get mad? The next one to bite the dust was a castle that I bought when I went to Medieval Times with my friends. Again, my husband was to blame. Then it was my son's turn. He knocked one of my favorites over and I almost cried. I had three left...until today.......I broke it while cleaning. It was the one I bought when I was newly engaged and I kept it on my nightstand along with my journal filled with wedding plans. I have to admit we are a family of butter fingers. Before our first wedding anniversary I had to buy a whole new set of china to replace the constant chipping and shattering of the one my dear Mother-in-law gave us. She still doesn't know that I did that. She still has perfect china from her bridal shower 50+ years ago. How could I tell her that the beautiful china she gave me didn't last the year? Shameful. Soon I'll write about the gorgeous ornament she gave me and ....well......I digress. Back to the castle. I spent ten minutes today piecing and gluing it together; somehow it's just not the same. Once something precious is broken or damaged in some way no matter how much you try to fix it its just never the same again. Thank the Lord He doesn't see us that way. We could be broken and damaged and God is able to fix us and and we are whole again. I write these words and look at my castle again. Suddenly, it doesn't look so bad.

My poor broken little castle

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