Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day to Rest

I love This Cartoon!

        This year we will not be the last people on the block to put up Christmas lights! This is what I say every year. As I drove home the other day ( it was over a week before Thanksgiving) a few houses had their lights up already. What the........!  Seriously people? Come on! So I said to myself  "Self, you are going to bring up all the Christmas decorations the day after that Self?" Yesterday we ate and ate and If I do say so myself I cooked the juiciest turkey ever. After the meal we played games and had fun, then cleaned up- then flopped into bed asleep before my head hit the pillow. This morning I got up and put away all fancy plates and serving dishes, made breakfast and decided to go downstairs to fetch the decorations. Hum what is this? The basement playroom was a mess. Had to clean that up before starting anything. After that I saw that there was a pile of laundry that needed to be done...did it. Ahh  laundry needed folding- then off to make lunch and clean up the kitchen . Whats that? Shoot we need milk...well, now that we are at the grocery store...might as well pick up some stuff for the week. Hum, promised the kids I'd take them to the library.  They borrowed some books and some videos to watch over the weekend... La dee dee Laa dee daa.  We walked the dog and checked in on my mom.-Ran an errand for her. Came home sorted and folded more laundry. Cleaned the Living room. Made dinner. Cleaned dishes and straightened the kitchen out. Gave dog a bath. Chased dog after he escaped while I was trying to dry him.  When My Husband came home he asked " Hey I thought you were going to bring up some of the decorations today?' I said "na, I decided to leave it for another day."
"Good" he said "After all that work you did yesterday you needed a day to rest. I spent the next ten minutes trying hard not to laugh.

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