Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marathon Shopping Day

              It all started with a bunch of us deciding to go Christmas shopping together. We hit the stores early and didn't stop until they closed late that night. We acted silly, ate whenever we could, and shopped shopped shopped. The first year I think there must have been four or five of us. Each subsequent year it dwindled to just my best friend A and I. Then J Joined a few years later and its been the three of us ever since. The objective is to do a little shopping a lot of cheating on our diets and a tremendous amount of joking around. This year It will be our 17th or 18th year. I'm so ready. So for the last ten minutes I worked on a list of ......where to eat of course. I bet you thought I was going to say gifts or stores right? well maybe I'll add that later. Lets see
                                               #1 Cinnabon
                                                         #2 Panera


                                      #3 Everywhere Else!

Goodbye diet...hello hefty girdle

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