Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Dress

Close up of my own dress. Felt like a princess

           Today was a slow day. The kids were busy creating . My Son was building a set and background for his Pokemon figures and my Daughter was busy building a box puzzle. I took the opportunity to clean out my closet. On the top shelf I keep my wedding album. Of course once you come across a wedding album you have to take it out and look at it right? So there I was flipping through the pages and smiling at the posed shots. My wedding dress was sweet and princessy. It was beaded on the bodice and had a plain tulle skirt with a very long detachable tulle train. I had dreamt of my wedding and trying on gowns since I was five I guess. I looked at all those wedding pictures and I have one regret. Just one. I should have tried on more dresses. In fact, I just tried on the one. The experience was over before I knew it. If I could do it over I would have tried on the whole store full of dresses. I knew what I wanted and that is exactly what the sales lady came out with. Since then I've had this feeling that I missed out somehow on the experience. I love wedding dresses and I love looking at pictures so I spent ten minutes on the computer looking for dresses that I would have loved to try on...still do. Here are some I found on the net that I thought were cool to look at. Join me in one of my obsessions....If you have any pictures of some interesting wedding dresses please feel free to send the web page link my way I would love to see them.
1920's wedding dress. I love the
long veil paired with the short dress

Shirley Temple's So 40's modest
classic satin dress

Audrey looked good in everything
I love her tiny waist and the flats


1950's princess gown. I love the full veil
and lace on the dress

A very Mod 60's dress

OK, this one was hard.
 I can't say I loved the dress,but I sure did love that 25 foot train!

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  1. I love wedding gowns also! I did love Diana's dress, it was "in" at the time! But some of the classics from the 40's are still stunning today!


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