Friday, November 12, 2010


                                              Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck's Tea Party - Games & Activities .
             My niece had a party the other day. Her very first one. The theme was a ladybug tea party. The setting was loving and warm. My sister-in-law set up a small buffet table with an eclectic array of tea cups and tea pots. It was lovely.  I love tea parties; always have. For my daughter's 5th birthday we invited all her friends and their favorite dolls over for a tea party. My son who was two brought his Buzz light year and my nephew brought his favorite dinosaur ( a T-Rex I believe) I set up a separate table for all the "Dolls" and placed in front of them their very own cup and saucer. The children's table was frilly and set with tiny plastic teacups and plates. They drank ice tea, snacked on mini oreos and mini M&Ms, and we served mini sandwiches. The girls wore fancy dresses and the moms oo'd and aah'd at the sight. For my daughter's 11th birthday her Aunt treated us to an actual high tea at a tea room. A three tiered pastry tray adorned our table with fresh butter and jams to enjoy as well. The tiny sandwiches were so delicately arranged it was almost a shame to eat them. There is something about a tea party. It makes you slow down. you appreciate the sights and wonderful aromas of the table. Today I took 10 minutes to have a cup of tea. I had soft classical music playing in the background, sat at the back window and just enjoyed the we just raked yesterday and the leaves seemed to have multiplied. Aww, crud did the dog pooped in the kid's area? Sheez, we really should put away the table and chairs before it snows. Is that my neighbor's cat in my yard again?....the tea didn't work. Perhaps I should have chosen the front window instead. ;-)

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