Monday, November 01, 2010

Stuffed Animal Woes

        Every now  and then  I say I'm going to give them to charity and everyday I am stopped by my Son or Daughter saying "But Grandma gave me that stuffed animal!" "But that one was my favorite when I was little!" In essence there were just two favorites that I can remember. A over washed teddy bear that my daughter took on every vacation and Mr. Frog a frog that my son took everywhere too. Each one of my children had their turn in leaving their favorite toy in a hotel only to remember when we were very far away. When my son was three we went to Sesame Place. It was our last day of vacation and we had checked out and stopped to get breakfast miles away from the hotel. When the waitress bought over one of those individual sized cereal boxes my son yelled "MR FROG! MR FROG!" We  found out that he had placed Mr. Frog in an small empty cereal box he had saved from breakfast the day before.  "For safe keeping." he said.  My husband said "Well he's just going have to learn... I mean they've probably already cleaned the room!"  As my poor son cried and cried about his lost tiny toy frog we hopped into the car and drove back to the hotel. My husband was right, they had already cleaned the room. I told the manager my pathetic story and she (having small children of her own) came with me to search the freshly tossed paper garbage. She found the one that came from my room and there in the tiny box was the frog safe and sound and (more importantly to me) clean. Today as I was cleaning my son's room I thought of that tiny frog and wondered where it could be? It became a quest. Instead of reading my book for ten minutes like I wanted to; I became obsessed with finding that stupid frog....I looked in the basement, all drawers, all closets even the bathroom cabinets. All I succeeded in doing was making the house look worse than before I started to clean it. I mean WHERE IS THAT FROG?! I hate to write this but I failed in finding Mr frog . He's gone I think....forever...sniff snifff. But I am happy to report..I found fluffy, Rosco, Mr Monkey and Olly. Slamy and Scruffy are safe too. I keep thinking about how important these toys were and are and how adorable my children looked carrying them around. I think I will keep these toys Kids  OK I need to keep them for a little while longer.

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