Monday, November 15, 2010

Mondays.....wish I could stay in bed 'til Tuesday

Mondays...... EWWW!

           This Morning started off like every monday morning. I slap the snooze, curse the clock for waking me up before 6am and drag my feet like frankenstien into the bathroom. All this is normal and really it does not bug me too much of my kids tells me about money that is due into school today; tons of papers that mysteriously appear for me to sign,  theme day at school, a lost library book that must be found NOW or a sudden stain that appears on their clothes----all this happens  just minutes before the bus arrives. This morning... MONDAY morning my Daughter informed me that she needed a white shirt with her name on the back. WHA????? 
 "I have to have it today Mom." She looked at me with that there you go again ruining my life look.
"Oh well," I said "looks like you are going to have to make due without it. You should have told me sooner" I was standing my ground.
Then my Son stood in front of the door as the bus was literally down the street and says "Oh, Mom you gotta sign these papers and I need 10 dollars for the PTA" I almost started to cry. I know the school sends those notices and requests home but damn it they send EVERYTHING home. I just can't keep up with it. Those papers multiply and give birth to more overnight. Without use of my glasses I furiously signed all the papers with a chicken scratch signature and as luck would not have it he missed the bus and I had to take him to school. On the way I found the note my daughter gave me last week. It was stuck in the visor as a reminder I guess. It was a  request to parents to supply a white T-shirt. The pangs of guilt pounded me and after I dropped off my son I raced to the store where I spent ten minutes trying to find a white t-shirt for my Daughter. She got it in time and after she came home today she gave me a hug. Totally worth it. Tomorrow is tuesday and I am glad. wait.....did my daughter just say she volunteered me to bake cupcakes? UGH

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