Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rock Number 3


           Hi Everyone! About a month ago I shared with you my version of Hidden Art. I Paint on rocks that include a positive message and leave them behind . See post-->Hidden Art 

My Family went our yearly camping vaca....(OK my daughter just informed me that by saying vaca I am trying too hard to sound hip)

             OK, now she said that by writing the word "hip" proves that i am NOT.

Alrighty then....

                         sending annoying giggly teen out of the room

Anyhoo... While on this trip I decided to take a walk with my lovely (yet right now a pain in the buttocks) daughter.

It was a trail that we have taking many many times. This trip was different.
           I was walking with a daughter that was nearly as tall as me.

                 I was walking with a young lady that wanted to be with me

                             and talk to me

                               and laugh with me

                                 I was walking with a young lady that was interested in what I had to say and I was so happy to hear her share with me. I felt so Blessed to have that time with her.

I had the rock I painted. Soon we found just the right spot.

                                                Can you find where I placed it?

                                 Come closer


 It was a perfect spot...a place that we hoped someone who was walking just as we were walking...would come across and discover this colorful rock and pick it up.

and turning it would see a message.

                                                           and feel special....and loved.

              Just like my daughter and I felt on that walk.



  1. You know, I had forgotten about this, how could I have> It is the most awesome idea! But I loved going back and looking. I love the way you tie it in with you and your daughter. And the stones, the next to last one, you are a talented painter!!! Have you painted anything other than a stone? I would love to see it! This would be so neat to do with Ella or Anne! Do you use the small bottles of craft paint? I'm also thinking of the little things of kids paint in the toy section, they come all hooked together.

    1. Hi Ginny, Thanks!I use Acrylics and sharpies. then I try and seal it so the elements won't fade it.

  2. I love that idea too. It probably won't happen but I hope someday I happen upon one of your rocks.

    1. Awww Thank You Barb...You never know just might!!!

  3. I can't decide which is more lovely; the picture, the message, or the idea.

    1. Hi Delores, Thank You so much for your sweet comment!

  4. Delightful! I just love that you do that together. Special moments with your girl are priceless!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Finding your rock with its message could turn someone's life around or even save a life, you never know. Definitely make them smile. Your rock idea is great.

  6. I always know I can drop by here and get my heart warmed.
    Thanks, dear Joanne.

    Blessings and cheer,

  7. Oh I know the fun of having a daughter to talk to...even if ?? but it is a joy. Like your art and rocks too

  8. I love u do this! That is a gorgeous rock and precious words to brighten ones day. U my dear are a blessing!


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