Tuesday, July 02, 2013


     My hubby and I have had this on going argument, 
                                                                                      difference of opinion

and It's all about .....this.

                                         The GPS   or "Maggie" as I'd like to call her.

I Love her....He hates her.

He has never never ever liked GPS.

                He says   "ya can't go wrong with a good ol' fashion map."

                              I beg to differ. After years and years of being the designated map reader, folder,  and trying to figure out the distance from point a to point b..... (and failing miserably I might add)... I demanded asked nicely for a GPS.

Maggie and I became best buds.

My hubby ....not so much.

On our recent trip we deviated a bit from the usual route and missed the exit.

            I gingerly placed the GPS into its place on my windshield and after some convincing my husband decided to heed Maggie's directives.


Everything was quiet in the car as Maggie told my husband that the turn was coming up soon.

           My Husband drove off two exits before the actual one.

 "Darn it!!!!! This Darn GPS!!!!!" He shouted.

"What the heck are you balking about?! She didn't ding! You're supposed to wait for the DING!!!!" I yelled back defending my driving buddy Maggie.

" I know but she made me so nervous by constantly telling me the exit was coming up soon that I sort of panicked! That thing is annoying!"

"SOOOO  you're saying that she is NAGGING you?"


Silence as the realization that the argument conversation was going off into the twilight zone.

Then I said " Hmmmm.... well if she's nagging maybe it's because she was probably programed by a middle aged married woman who had enough of the map-reading and folding duties only to be completely ignored and second guessed when she says the turn is coming up!"

Just then Maggie said DING! DING signaling that we needed to turn off at that exit....but I'd like to think that perhaps that was her way of saying to me " Yep, you are totally right Joanne!!!!!"


  1. I love your story and have just read it to Phil, we laughed. We named our GPS, too!!!! Georgia. This is from Phil's thinking that GPS is made by Georgia Pacific. What is the story on your name?

  2. Hi Ginny, I named it Maggie because its made by Magellan.

  3. Gotta love the GPS lady. She's gotten me out of some nasty spots.

  4. I love our GPS...............not that I know how to use her but hubby uses her all the time and loves it when going on a trip and not sure of the way.
    I would love to be able to program it with my voice so I could tell him were to go........lol

  5. I love the GPS lady. I mock her sometimes because she is funny the way she expresses herself.

  6. Ours is called "Gladys". She can be a right nag, and hates it when we ignore her.
    Hubby loves her, but everytime I use her, she takes me to the wrong place...or that could be Hubby programming her

  7. hehe that cracks me up! I so glad maggie is there with you!


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