Monday, July 22, 2013

Childbirth is no Joking Matter....Except When these Guys Try It

         My Sister-in Law and I were pregnant around the same time. When I was in my  third trimester she was in her first. After the babies came (and we were still reeling from the far from perfect labor experiences)....We all sat around the table after dinner at my Father and Mother-in-law's home and talked about labor.

My Father-in law then spoke...

      "I Donno why is it that you women think it is sooo hard. It cannot be that difficult."

We both stared at him like


We all (including our husbands) began to then pounce on his words until there they were...just a smashed pile of sweet ignorance on the floor. I think the clincher was when my Brother-in-law said

" Well, let see a man squeeze out a bowling ball and see if that hurts."

 Everyone then got a good laugh and a week later a strongly worded letter was sent from my Father-in-law on what was appropriate language around the dining table.

point more labor talk

Which brings me to today's hilarious video. Two married men wanted to prove that childbirth wasn't as bad as their wives said it was. Soooo the following is the result.....enjoy

                                                   uploaded to You Tube by: Faithrefreshed

    They did this for just an hour. I bet after this experience they sent their wives lots of flowers and gave them lots of hugs......and did the dishes.

Have a awesome Monday!!!!


  1. A bit of an eye opener for them....every man should have this as part of their education. A few girls might stop some of those teen pregnancies lol.

  2. Yes! Maybe Teen pregnancy rates would go down

  3. These guys are hilarious and brave. I love this!

    Be well, Joanne.

  4. Excellent! This was so rewarding.

  5. The husband with the long hair seemed to fare a bit worse. What interests me is that they can make it so it feel just like giving birth, even though the men do not have a cervix!

  6. Oh man the email is always what can cut me down from my mom lol.

    Love the video.

  7. Joanne!!!!! This is going on FB!! Sooooo funny! I laughed the whole way through!! Thank you for this!!

  8. I agree with Delores, all men should see this, or even experience it.

  9. Lol, I love this!
    Every man who thinks labor is easy should try that :P

    New follower here, check out my blog :)

  10. What a funny conversation. Remember it is called labor for a reason :)


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