Friday, March 04, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday ~ Miniature Knitter and Invisible Man

I found this video of a woman who knits teeny tiny sweaters. She designed and knitted the sweaters that Coraline wore in the movie "Coraline". I love when I find videos like this because One can actually see the process of the Art; which to me is fascinating.

 The next is Art is from Liu Bolin otherwise known as the Invisible Man. He is the one on the left. Look closely at the clothing....what you think is the man in black's clothes is really Liu's. The man in black is behind Liu. Amazing illusion art. If you want to see more examples of his work here is the link  I hope you have enjoyed this week's Art. Have a great weekend and smile...Spring is nearly here! Come back tomorrow for Saturday's question.


  1. omg so tiny how does she see it

  2. Those sweaters would be gorgeous in regular size, amazing.

  3. Makes me want to dig out my knitting bag. I used to knit doll clothes for my daughter when she was small but this is amazing to see.

  4. Oh goodness she is very talented. I would never be that patient to do something so small!

    Wow he is amazing!!!

  5. @Becca~ Hi! I have no idea how she sees her work..maybe she uses a magnifying glass? I have a hard time threading a needle!

    @Ma~ I can't get over the detail...amazing.

    @Beth~ I feel the same way! but I could only knit simple things.

    @Alexis~I would think patience is key, but to stick with it for 6 months? wow now that is dedication!

    Thanks Guys for stopping by!


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