Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A look back at my Worst Job EVER!


Yesterday over at Running Away? I'll help you pack  (a Great Blog By the Way) Alexis wrote a post about a nightmare interview she had Blogger hates me no pictures so a bad interview :O)  It brought back memories of one of the most horrible jobs I ever had and what I learned from it. I was 17.
I found a bakery in need of a counter person and was hired the next day.I worked after school.

 Now you would think a bakery would be fun to work in and I have to say the smells of fresh baked good still makes my stomach rumble. The problem was the Baker.  My Boss Mr. Douche... Mr. Douche bag to be exact. (Now let me say that I do not want to offend my refined followers with my use of profanity so I will curtail the potty mouth and instead substitute bad language with more subtle words...But know that I really mean Douche bag!)   He was an abusive egomaniac that delighted in humiliating everyone around him.

This bakery was in a very swanky part of town and he was well known for his designer cakes. He cursed and threw fits of rage against everyone that worked there. This "poo poo brain"  treated his wife like a dog and for that matter every woman there was a target and every guy was treated like dirt. We all were. He was a class A "doodie head". 

 I just grinned and beared it. I didn't want to quit because I needed the money.   I told myself sticks and stones...and that I would not allow it to affect me. But it did affect me. I was scared of him. Everyone was scared to stand up to him. We were all young and naive to what was acceptable in the work place and what was not.

 Everyday my Dad noticed that I would come home uncharacteristically exhausted and burdened.  He'd ask if anything was wrong and I would just say it was a rough day at work. 

My Dad would say "I want you to quit. That place is no good for you."  he knew something was wrong. After four months of working there it all came to an end when a small mistake (that was made by another employee) sent Mr. "Stinky pants and-a-half" into a tirade of epic proportions. I became the target of Mr. "MC Nasty". He yelled and called me names. He slammed things and I was scared and I cried.

When I got home I had to tell my Dad everything. He was needless to say very angry. He wanted to ....well you can almost imagine what he wanted to do to this guy...he calmed down and As per my Dad's directive I called "Mr. Booger" and quit. I felt relief and thought it was all over. The next day was a Saturday and my father woke me up early... he said "I'm taking you to that job."

"But why?" I asked

"He owes you." He answered. I had forgotten  that I had left without my check in hand (which I always got on Fridays).

"But Dad, It's OK I don't want to go back there." I was almost in tears. I was scared and didn't want to go back ever.

"Don't worry" He said and that was that- we were going to go. When we drove up I could see through the window That "Mr. Icky" was completely overwhelmed with customers. I walked in and just when he was going to open his mouth to say something nasty to me he looked at my Dad. My Dad put his hand on my shoulder and escorted me to the front. I knew why I was there...it wasn't for the check. It was to get back my dignity that "Mr. Smelly Fish Mouth" tried to take away from me.

 Before I could say anything My Dad took the idiot aside. I don't know what was said , but "Mr. Fartson" was left with a guilty look on his face. I was able to look at My ex-boss straight in the eye and left the bakery with my pay and dignity intact. I'd like to think That Dad took him aside and said something along the lines of Do unto others....., But I lean more in thinking that he said something like Do unto others or I'm gonna snap you like a freakin' twig.

Never again did I keep problems like that from my parents.  Dad was right on the money...I had to go back and face that monster, but he didn't let me go alone...and that my dear friends was MY Worst Job Ever and A Great Lesson Learned. Never again would I let a boss Douche bag...oops "Doodie head" treat me like that again.   Thanks DAD. :O)     What was your worst job?


  1. Joanne,

    As a Father of two young girls to in the near future put their feet in the world of "Work for Spending Money", I can tell you what he said.

    Something along the lines ---- Mr. Doodie Head, I am Mr. Wins. I believe You owe my Daughter something and if you try and make her Feel worse than you already have - thats fine, I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL 10 times WORSE. And it WON"T BE NICE HAVING YOUR STORE EMPTIED!

    *Note - after 4yrs in the Navy, 2 in the Army and having grown up around the Military - I kept the GOOD CHOICE Words completely out of it but add your own ##$$% and *&@$#%!! and *(&^^*()&^%^% and a few others and I think you will realize Your Dad Made Mr. Doodie Head feel about as Tall as a Flea.


    Anything at Anytime

  2. Ugh!

    I worked for Merry Maids one summer and cleaned houses...never again!

    There's also corn de-tasseling, that's pretty bad too.

  3. @ Dan~ Thanks for the insight into the Daddy Brain~ you are right...My Dad was very protective of me and I know that My Hubby (also Army) would do the same thing for our Daughter! Thank God for Dads!

    @ Becca~ Yep, yeesh what I had to do to save a little cash! Tool is the word I like to use for bullies like that.

    @ Ma~ Yes UGH is right that job sound bad too! and corn de-tasseling? Wow I could see that messing up a person's hands pretty badly!

  4. My worst job was when I worked at an AF Base. I was the supervisor in the Records Maintenance
    Department in Base Supply. I had one of the ladies (term used loosely) always on the phone to civilian personnel complaining about one thing or another. She was a poor worker. Needless to say the first opportunity I got for a promotion I took it!

  5. O.K., you are a FANTASTIC writer!!!! You kept me spellbound through this whole story!! This was a great learning experience for you, though. After that, no job you ever took could have been as bad! And your dad was your knight in shining armor, I bet that brought you even closer together, so I'm seeing so much good that came out of this. I have always believed that God puts things like this in our path for a reason. For one of us to learn something, so I hope that man learned plenty from your dad!! That was what he needed, and you were the way. Your word substitutions have me totally cracking up, really I will be giggling all day now!!! The other Day Ella called me a name for the first time: "Bossy Pants", it just slayed me, still makes me giggle!

  6. @ Beth~Oh I have met a few workers like that too...and whats strange is that the bosses Never see them for the lazy lugs they are...Why is that? That must have been a very frustrating job!

    @ Ginny~ Thank You! Your right about Lessons learned all around. My Dad was a great Man and I miss him terribly, but when I think and write about him I almost feel he's still around. You are right about God placing these things in our way for us to learn...by the way That part about Ella calling you "bossy pants" is hilarious!!!!

  7. Good for you and good for your dad! I'm sorry you had to work for this guy, but I'm glad your dad set him straight.

  8. Oh girlie! What an awesome daddy!! He rocks and that man was just plain evil!!

    Worst job was working for a plastic surgery clinic that the docs were NUTS. Now that is a story! Hmmm I see another blog post coming to mind! LOL

    Muah thank you darling for the sweet comment!


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