Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby-Sitting My Ladybug

Today I baby-sat my 16-month-old-niece. It has been a while since there was a baby in the house, but I was ready........

                I recorded two episodes of Sesame Street

                I also recorded two episodes of Barney

                I brought up J and D's old toys and I was ready to spend a great day with my little Ladybug.

                We played.

                We danced.

                 She ate her lunch and wanted me to have some too.

                 She followed my dog Max everywhere and...

                                                      when she had crackers in her hand...

                                                                                            Max followed her everywhere.

                  We colored.
                  I remembered vaguely what it was like to do everything with one hand and carry a baby with the other.

                 Yes it was a great day and I am pooped,

                 and even the toys had a great time, because...

                 They all got together for this group photo to give to the ladybug baby.
 On the back they wrote...

                                                We loved playing with you!
                                               Hope to see you again soon! Love, the toys
                             I added.....Ditto.  Love,  Aunt Joanne 


  1. fun way to reflect your lovely day.

    Check out weekly challenges and have more fun!

    Tuesday Thankfulness Challenge, poetry potluck, Awards/Tags 4 u

    Glad to meet!
    Bless you.

  2. This was such a cute post. I love your creativity.

  3. OMGosh I love the photo with the message!!!

    What a fun time at Aunt J's house :). I'm sure Max was hoping for lot's of cracker crumbs :)

  4. This is a cute post. It has been so long since I had a baby around, Would I even remember how?

  5. @Becca~ It was!

    @Jingle~ It was lovely! thanks for commenting. come back soon!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Thank You!

    @Alexis~ Max knows a good thing when he sees it!

    @Beth~ It has been 9 years since there was a baby in the family--It's so awesome!

  6. I often visit the daughter of a close freind of mine who has a 6 month old baby girl. Those are precious moments. I like the way you presented your post.

  7. What a great post, I know you had a fabulously sweet time!! Our granddaughter is a little ladybug. That's what they call little girls adopted from China. So everything around here is ladybug! the toys all look as happy as I know you are!

  8. @Barb~ Thank you!

    @Ginny~ That is so interesting about the Ladybug name! I didn't know that. My niece also has ladybug things all around her.

  9. Thanks for stopping over and visiting with me. Very nice to meet you. I see you are friends with Alexis, she is one of my favorite blog friends. How awesome to baby sit your niece. I love the idea of the picture, very sweet!

  10. @ Debbie~ Welcome to my little blog. Thank you for your sweet comment. :o)

  11. Hi Aunt Joanne,
    It's your ladybug niece. I just saw the picture of all of my toy friends and got very excited. I had so much fun with you. Thanks for watching me.
    I love you!
    Love, H

  12. @ My Ladybug~ I love you too!


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