Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Coincidence

This morning started of very chilly...and since I started my exercise regimen of walking and running...Its very easy for me to come up with an excuse not to exercise.

I looked at the sky

              "Ugh, Its so gray, maybe I won't go today"
                            "I really should though"

             "Yuck it looks too windy; maybe I'll leave it for tomorrow."

                            "I really should go."

                          "Sheeze, It looks like it's going to rain"

                                        "I gotta go."

        Ordinarily I would talk myself out of it, especially since the day looked so crappy, but something was pushing me to just get out and take that run with Max my dog.

I almost left my phone at home. The pockets of my jacket seem too shallow and I feared it popping out as I ran......I took it anyway.

Max was raring to go and as I contemplated running my regular route; I decided to run a different, longer way.
So off I went. about ten minutes in I see a Yorkie- a teeny tiny Yorkie pup running across a front yard. He ran like a little hamster on a wheel...I thought oh oh... he kept running across another yard. then another then another, then he crossed the street.

"He's lost", I told my dog thinking that when I speak he actually understands every word I say. I followed the pup and Max barked excitedly as we got closer. By the time I caught up to the little hamster sized puppy I saw that he was quite dirty and very scared.  I picked him up and he shook as Max barked and jumped to try to sniff him. Thank God the pup had tags and I was able to call the owner on the phone that I almost left behind.

                 "Hi my name is Joanne and I think your puppy got out somehow because I found him."

                  "What? Oh my Gosh I'll be there in ten minutes!"she answered 

 While I waited I realized the puppy had probably stepped in poo ' cause as I held him his dirty little paws smeared it on my jacket. He was also so scared or excited that he peed a bit on me too. At the same time my dog was hopping on me trying to get a better whiff and he spread the mud love all over my pants and jacket. It looked like something out of a bad sitcom-- My dog barking and tangling me in the leash as the Pup whined and shook in my arms. The owner drove over within ten minutes and thanked me to pieces. "No prob" I answered.

 She then explained that she and her husband let out the pup into the back yard and they each thought the other had let him in...he probably found a way out under the fence...cute little hamsters do that ya know. I exchanged pleasantries for a bit and gave up on the run (A jacket full of dirt, poo and puppy pee will make one suspend any kind of activity).  There was a reason why I took that route.

 I have spent the last ten minutes thinking about that cute little pup and how sad it would have been if he had gotten completely lost or hit by a car. I thanked God for small miracles. There was reason why I made myself go for a run on such a crappy day.......coincidence? No way!

As I give thanks for small Miracles I pray for those that I don't know who are suffering unbelievable despair and sorrow right now. Whose homes are gone, For those that are missing, for those that have died in that horrible Earthquake. May God hold them gently in His hands and give them the comfort that they need. Please God.


  1. what i lovely post and what a wonderful thing you did. hugs

  2. I don't believe in coincidences, either...what a great story. Also praying for the people in Japan.

  3. I believe in small miracles too and that everything happens for a reason. I also beleive that you and others may be blessed as a result of pushing yourself to achieve your goals.
    I continue to pray for the people of Japan.

  4. Bless you Jo. This was divine intervention putting you in the right place at the right time. I am so glad you posted this. brightened my day!

  5. What a story!!! Your run turned into an errand for God, and for the puppy owner, how wonderful when we can see God's plan unfurl right before our eyes. I believe there are mnay, many other times that we do things like this, but never even are aware of it.

  6. You are so thoughtful. Thankfully, God did have you in the right place at the right time. You do brighten a lot of days!

  7. @ Becca~ Thanks, but if would have seen this dog you would have done the same thing too! Too cute.

    @ Ma~ It is always such a God kiss to me when this happens.

    @Barb~ Thanks so much!

    @Beth~ Awwww your too sweet.

    @Ginny~ Amen sister!

    @Retired English Teacher~ That is so sweet thank you!

    All Your sweet comments made my day! Now I don't feel so bad for eating that candy bar when I got home!

  8. God sent you as the Angel that day!!! The small miracles that make someones day, it's so nice to be that person God sent.


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