Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting New Year's Resolution in March

           My last post got me thinking again of exercising. I have been wanting to start an exercise regimen for a while now. My husband suggested we go for a walk this morning. Since he has a rotating schedule anytime that we spend together is precious. We weren't exactly alone...our dog Max heard the word "walk" and lost it completely! The words "OUT", "TREAT" and "SQUIRREL" have the same effect. After Our Dog demonstrated the happy dance (a sort of a mix of high jump, ballet and break dancing) we were all off on our walk. Afterwards Hubby wanted to know if I wanted to go for a run.

"A run?" I asked

 I have the endurance of a 90 year-old but what the heck "I'll run" I said. I had on my awesome running suit (all black of course). We started our run across the street from our house. Right off the bat I noticed something that I had not noticed before. When I run everything and I mean everything jiggles. OK, jiggles is much too cute a word for what was happening here folks...I need to use the word flopping...yes, every time I ran things were flopping around. How the heck did this happen?

                     Alright you in the back I heard you say "too much chocolate" very funny.

The more I ran the more I envisioned people looking out their windows and pointing in sort of a Japanese Godzilla movie crowd-scene-way. "LOOK! It's FLOPZILLA!" There was a time when you could have bounced a quarter off my it would just cause a sort of ripple effect before settling softly amidst the cellulite.
As we ran my hubby kept talking-encouraging me to go further. He is a runner so he was more than comfortable running at the toddler pace I set.

 I, on the other hand was trying hard not to wheeze audibly. A quarter mile in I was done. The cold air choked me and even my husband's encouraging words could not convince me that what I ran was enough. We walked a bit more and then ran again....not far just about 10 houses worth until I got to our house. As I look back at my new years resolutions post Scrubbing the Bathtub with Resolutions on my mind  I, like most people want to lose a bit of weight. It only took a couple of months to get started but better late than never right? Tomorrow I'll try to go a bit farther and perhaps won't feel so self conscience. Maybe eventually I'll graduate to "Jiggling" soon.

Could this be me in a few months? NOPE I just want to be a healthier ME


  1. I'm very late with my comments today, in fact it's almost 2 A.M. so I know you're in bed, especially since you are pooped from that run!! Maybe you will see this in the morning. Your post gave me a good laugh, you are so funny!! Kind of a cross between Erma Bombeck and Roseanne. I mean that in a GOOD way! I remember 10, it set women up to try to be perfect, didn't it? I actually watched that movie!!! And you know what? I bet she jiggles just as much as the rest of us now!

  2. congrats on getting out and starting to run Bravo. me personally i'm a bike riding kid of girl so i try to get a 3mile ride in everyday when the weather permits

  3. Good for you:) My hubby did some running last summer and fall and did lose some weight. I can't imagine running myself, but right now I've got me hands pretty full.

  4. @ Ginny~ Haha funny I didn't think of Bo Derek getting older! I bet she does jiggle!!!! I feel better now!

    @ Becca~ Thanks! I love bike riding too, bought a bike last year but the seat is TOOO SMALL! I was in agony when I first rode it...still haven't bought a bigger seat. maybe next week.

    @ MA~ I bet you run around alot more than I do!!! you definetly get your excersise!


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