Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Goldie Locks Probably Wants to Be a Brunette

Hair......That's right this post is about hair.
                We women are obsessed with our hair. Whether its the hair on top of our heads or in other parts of our body. We are either curling it straightening it, plucking or shaving it or ripping it out with wax. I however just want to write about the hair on the top of our heads. I was born with curly hair. I would look at my friends who had straight hair and I would wish so badly that somehow my curly locks would  straighten themselves out. I wanted wash and go hair. When you have curly hair the following is your enemy...

rainy days
going into a bathroom after someone has taken a hot shower
humid summer days
the beach
a pool
Florida in August

When I was 13 I begged my mom to take me to get my hair chemically straightened

"It might burn your scalp, Joanne" she warned, But I didn't care I wanted to know what it felt like. We went to the hair salon and the stylist wondered "Aww you have such pretty curls, are you sure?"
I nodded yes and so began the treatment. I came home with bone straight hair and I was thrilled....until the next time I shampooed and it became a mess of partially straight and curly locks that looked messy and damaged. Not to mention that my scalp had gotten indeed burned from the chemicals and I couldn't brush my hair because it was so painful. Some of it even fell out! Never again! 

My friend at the time had stick straight hair and yearned for my type of curls. Her mother gave her a home perm (she was a hair dresser at the time) she walked to school and all she needed was a dog named Sandy 'cause the girl looked like little orphan Annie. All day long people kept trying hard not to sing The song "Tomorrow". Grass is always greener right? Now-a-days I have the best of both worlds; (thanks to straightening irons and mousse) I wear my hair both ways.  I am still a slave to the weather conditions and consistently need to put products in my hair, but if this little nusiance is the worst of my peeves I'm happy. One day my daughter who has beautiful straight hair with a tiny bit of wave decided to use curlers and went to bed with them in. She awoke with a huge mass of untamed frizzy curls..........Oh the sun will come out tomorrow  lalalalalalalala--- The grass is indeed greener -curlier-straighter on the other side.


  1. for me i could not live without ponytail holders i keep my hair pinned up at all times

  2. I always thought it would be so cool to have curly hair:)

    After I had the kids I'm left with a weird wavy spot in the back, it seems to be getting a mind of it's own as I age...go figure!

  3. I am still smiling over this post. I have wavy hair but my youngest sister has curly hair which she has hated all of her life and I have envied.

  4. heheh!!! I'm so having that song stuck in my head all day now :).

  5. @Becca~ I know what you mean! I can't stand having my hair loose.

    @Ma~ Pregancy does strange things to your body...My friend lost alot of hair...it just fell out for months!

    @Beth~ Isn't that always the case!

    @Alexis~I hate when that happens! Sorry! quick think of the musical west side story...I feel pretty oh so pretty...wait that might be worse! ;o)

  6. I have curly hair too! I can relate to this post very well.

  7. @ Retired English Teacher~ Hey! then you know very well what it's like to have your hair done and go out on a humid day and return with cotton candy hair!!!LOL

  8. Amen sister! I had a terribly grown out perm and my dad was in charge of my hair and taking me to school. One day, he got fed up with "fixing it" and took me to the lady that permed my hair. He had her cut it ALL OFF!! I looked like a boy all through 3rd grade!!

  9. @HeatherBabe~ Aww you poor thing! Listen I hear ya though...My Mom thought instead of taking me to get my hair trimmed she decided to do it herself....she kept cutting and cutting and cutting until practically there was nothing left! I was horrified ...then there was the time my hair turned bright orange , but thats another story!


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