Monday, March 14, 2011

My Not So Silent SHAME

              On Sunday My son had his first soccer practise. I love that my kids want to join sports but ugh two hours in what seemed to be the windiest field in the world was not what I wanted to do today at all. There goes our weekends for the next two months. Don't get me wrong I love that both my kids want to be in sports but since my husband works all these weird hours it falls on me to take them to almost everything. Plus there is also another reason .....
something I am not proud of.....

                            something that I have been hiding..........

                                           Something that might lessen your view of me

                                                                I am...........

                                                     a crazy nut job when it comes to sports!

There, it's out...hate me if you must but I am super competitive and watching a game- any game makes me a maniac. and it doesn't matter that I don't know the rules of the game either. I don't heckle or anything rude like that but I do get super excited

Case in point.....a few days ago my Son's school had Sports Night. This is just about the biggest night in the school year. Tickets sell out quickly and people arrive up to an hour an a half early to get good seats. The teachers from my son's school and other schools in the district compete against each other in all sort of events. They hire a D.J. and all three mascots are there.

 All the proceeds from ticket sales and snacks go to the HS students going off to college. The atmosphere is electric and the screams from all the kids and their parents is contagious. I try not to get out of hand. I try to act lady like, but by the time the last race is underway I am standing and cheering like a lunatic.

          Now-a-days, because I know my blood pressure rises and I will sometimes lose my voice..I just watch the yearly Army vs Navy game and even then my son cracks up as I yell and flail my arms in front of the screen   not my proudest moments. So now both my kids do sports and I am consistently trying not to embarrass them by yelling too loudly when they score or even doing that dance that my Daughter hates. This afternoon (at his very first practise of the season)  my son ran and got the ball ...I felt that old tug and shouted...

                             "Yes!!!! Way to go! GO GO GO!!!!!!!" My daughter turned and gave me a look.......
                              "Already Mom?" she asked with that smiley I knew you couldn't stay shut kind of look.
                             "Yep." I answered. At least I'm supportive and I know it might embarrass them so...... I hope they're kind when they describe me in therapy in the future, you know how it's always Mom's fault!


  1. Haha, you're hilarious. I am quite competitive when it comes to sports too, so I can relate. :-D

  2. a crazy sports fan who knew

  3. Three of mine played baseball last year, and I didn't realize how nutty I could get, too. It's a lot of fun:)

  4. LOL! I can so relate! My kids are always telling me to calm down about their games!

  5. @ Nicone~ Glad to know I'm not alone!

    @ Becca~ I'm full of suprises..If you ask my kids its not a good one! :o)

    @Ma~ It's almost like an involuntary reaction!

    @Anne Mateer~ Maybe I am still in cheerleader mode! :o)

  6. LOL!! I get that way when the St Louis Cardinals are playing. I am sitting here alone screeching at the TV set just like I can make a home run happen.

  7. A funny post! It seems you may be an emotional person like me. Your kids will come to appreciate your enthusiasm, how wonderful compared to some other parents who just don't care!

  8. @ Beth~ I am so convinced that by my antics I can make a difference!!!LOL

    @ Ginny~ Thanks I hope they appreciate it soon...kind of getting sick of the "what the heck are you doing" Stares from them!

  9. So be it. If you are proud, you are proud. If you cheer, you cheer. Wait till you have grand kids. My husband thinks that I forget every thing when I see my grandsons.

  10. If that's what you like to do... do it proudly :-)
    Personally I can care less who wins, I just wanted my daughter to be part of groups, activities, teams, etc...I only wished my daughter's team won so she would be happy and proud, but I am not really into "watching" sport.

  11. @ Marina~ I hope your Daughter's team wins one soon! Thanks for your comment :o)

  12. hehe as I inch further and further away sorry I don't know her ... lol just playing!

    I hope both my boys get into sports.

  13. @Alexis~ but you see I am so nutty that as you inch away I would yell "Hey Alexis WHY ARE YOU MOVING AWAY FROM ME YOUR PAL!" Ha ha ha!


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