Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat is Stalking Me... 'Cause it Just Won't Go Away! you all might know I am trying to lose a few pounds.

 I started
greetings workshop

I haven't been eating alot of ....     




                                                        I have been eating alot of

And after a few weeks... I have lost   


I started to feel like


And it felt great


I met my friend for dinner on Friday. She looks great and has lost a lot of weight....she tells me she has lost 30 pounds in a month and it's taken me two weeks to lose just 5.

           So instead of feeling like this

              I felt like this  


You might say that I am a bit envious, and to that I say


I did have my moment of self pity, but I am so proud of my friend and know that she will meet her goal soon.....


                    as for me it might take me a bit longer 

But I know I'll Get there

But just in case I don't...

        do you know if those sumo thongy things come in Pink?


  1. Might I make a Suggestion?

    Send that "Friend" one of those Delicious Awesome Ice Cream Cakes saying "Congrats on Your Achievement"

    I know, I know - I can be a mean little rat sometimes.

    And MUSIC Mondaze is done and will be Posted at 7 am Mt time so for your time zone that will be 9 am.

    Hope you Enjoy

    Anything at Anytime

  2. well as they say slow and steady wins the race

  3. A 30 lb weight loss in 1 month is way too fast. Your weight loss is much more sensible. A 2 - 3 lb loss per week is what your goal shoud be.

  4. You are soooooo funny!! But I'll tell you what doctors are saying. The slower you lose weight, the better your chances of keeping it off. Very fast weight loss tries much harder to come right back and is a real struggle to maintain. Just look at Oprah's liquid diet way back when. My doctor told me just a couple pounds a month is great!! So congradulations!!! I know how hard it is, I lost over fifty pounds a few years ago. Then one Christmas.....

  5. I hear ya girl I meet with a friend yesterday who asked how my first week went. Then they proceeded to tell me they have lost 45 lbs in a 6 wks ... lol. Yes it was a guy so I totally know they are losing faster!

    I'm going to keep the course, we may be 100 together and our body just doesn't hold fat and we'll be there ... lol

  6. @ DanWins~ Oh thats soooo mean...wish i'd thought of it!lol

    @ Becca~ I hope that is true!

    @ Beth~ I feel better now :o)

    @ Ginny~ Wow 50 pounds! Christmas will do it every time!

    @ Alexis~ we should start a support group. "G.L.I.B.M.H.B" Gonna lose it by my hundreth birthday!

  7. You just plain crack me up. I can relate to what you are saying. Just take pride in what you do, and don't compare yourself to others. (Easier said than done!)


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