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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

High School Sports and Funky Feet go together like....Stink and Stank

                  Got Teens?

                          Do they play sports?

                                  Then they have stinky feet.

                                              It's a given......seriously.

          It was a Tuesday I believe....just an ordinary Tuesday.

          I entered the living room to enjoy a bit of TV...but there was something.....in the air

                                                 a smell

                                                        a stink

                                                                  noxious fumes!

What the heck? what was that rancid odor?

                     I instantly had a suspect

Alas I  was mistaken

I look to the entrance and saw...

Image result for stinkysneakers

My son's track shoes


"D, get down here!" I called him knowing that if his shoes smelled that bad then his feet were worse

....they were.

"SHEEZE what the heck kid!" 

But wait there's more

When he invites his other friends (that are also in sports) and they get comfortable by taking off their shoes....

Lets just say there's a green cloud over the house
Image result for stink cloud over home...ugh

And washing the feet sometimes doesn't get rid of the smell either, because the bacteria needs to DIE and sometimes soap alone doesn't do the trick. 

what to do what to do.

well, I found a way.

Its easy.
simple and not expensive.

First, send the culprit with the offending feet to the showers to thoroughly wash the tootsies.

Then a nice soak. Fill a tub just enough to cover the tops of the feet with warm water....then pour in a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. The ratio being at least 2/3 water to 1/3 or less of peroxide. Then soak. I suggest at least a ten to 15 minute soak....That's it.

The peroxide kills off the bacteria that creates that smell.

Now onto the sneakers. If your child is in sports then you know that those shoes can be expensive. Here's how to get the smell out without having to toss out brand new shoes.

Fill two clean socks with baking soda, tie them off with rubber bands and put them into the shoes. The baking soda absorbs the smell. 

Smush them a bit so that it flattens out in the shoes and by morning the smell should be gone or at the very least be significantly less pungent. Odor-eaters inserts work well too.

Well there it is. I hope it helps my fellow Moms of Teens.

......and don't worry soon enough they'll be off to college and that little green cloud will move over their dorm

Friday, May 06, 2016

Artsy Fartsy Friday~ A Stop-motion Music Video by Ainslie Henderson

            Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time since I posted an Art post. I came across this beautiful stop motion piece and it is BRILLIANT! The artist's name is Ainslie Henderson, and the piece is called Moving On. Everything about this video is beautifully done. It really is wonderful to watch, and even though the characters have no facial features...the artist was able to have them communicate with us. Their hands were so delicate and expressive...I loved it!


                                         Artist: Ainslie Henderson
                              Uploaded to You Tube by: Art fido.com

                   OK, was I right or was I right?!?! I really hope you enjoyed the video. Have a beautiful weekend...and be blessed

                           Blessings, Joanne

Monday, April 18, 2016

College-Bound Blues

                My Daughter is 18. Soon, very soon she will be off to college.
                                  Image result for kids off to college

Part of me is still in a bit of denial I guess. but every now and then my heart sinks. Many of my friends have gone through this and they didn't die from heart break....so maybe I'll be OK.


I can't imagine not seeing her everyday .

How can she go when in my heart she is still 5-years-old?

Five-year-olds don't go to college!!!!

They just don't!

Its so not fair.

Just when our relationship couldn't be better she's going to leave.

   and I feel that it'll be forever.

I mean after college she'll want to fly off and start her life and it won't be in that room with the stuffed animals, white princess bed and lavender walls.

18 years is not enough time.

It's not

I almost feel like I did when I was getting ready to send her off to kindergarten....except this time there won't be a school bus to drop her home at the end of the day. I won't be there smiling as she carefully steps down off the bus. I won't be giving that welcome home hug and saying "OK, go wash your hands so you can have a snack."

Snack time will be replaced with Face-time.

What wouldn't I give to go back in time to her kindergarten days...Just one day. I'd like to live there for one day.

But who am I kidding? If I had just one day, I wouldn't send her to school...I'd just hug her and never let go.
                                        Image result for mom hugging child

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

There Are a Few Seconds...

               There are a few seconds...( maybe even a whole minute) in the morning when I feel nothing.

I feel floaty
                           Image result for floaty feeling

     I feel calm

          I feel no pain.

I lay there without moving a muscle ....simply aware of my breathing.

I'm not hot or cold

I feel just right.
                          Image result for goldilocks

My shoulders don't ache from arthritis

My displaced muscles (where I had my mastectomy years ago) don't hurt.

My back doesn't twitch and twist

My head doesn't pound.
                                    Image result for headache cartoon

I feel nothing.

and it is in that moment that I realize...

There was a time when I felt just like this....floaty and pain free...all the time.

For about a minute this morning I felt this.

I felt that maybe just maybe...my body would forget its battle scars and let me  be ME again.
                      Image result for feeling free

But as the seconds ticked by my body remembered, and gave into the twinges and pulls.

I thanked her for the memories and moved to start my day.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Christ Is Risen - Matt Maher



                   Happy Easter Everyone....Have a beautiful                    Blessed Day!

                                       Blessings, Joanne