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Sunday, July 26, 2015

                                                  Image result for gone fishing sign

Monday, June 01, 2015

Dishwasher Trouble

     Everyone has one...

                   a thing they can't live without.

                A teenager will say it's their phone...which by the way NO teen ever uses to CALL someone.
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I was informed of this fact when my daughter looked at me like I had three eyes when I dared suggest she call a friend to get information.

                "Nobody calls,...we text"
Image result for what?

                                 Okie dokie...

I look at her and her friends and think how dependent they are on those darn things....

I was NEVER that way...I speak out loud to no one in particular because EVERYONE is texting on their phones!

Then....a few days ago my husband came home to see that part of our basement ceiling had fallen down...there was a big o' leak in the basement.
                                          Image result for leak in the ceiling funny

After a long while of good old fashioned detective work he found that there was a leak coming from the dishwasher in the kitchen.

drip drip drippity drip

and Voila... a big gaping hole in the ceiling of the basement.

warranty  has long run out on the dishwasher...

fiances are tighter then a python coiled around it's prey


                                       la dee dee la dee da

No stinkin' dishwasher

Now I don't consider myself to be spoiled by any means. When things happen I roll with the punches, adjust and move on....but I now get that whole teen phone thing.

When we first moved into this house I think I hugged the dish washer and washing machine. We had neither in the apartment in which we lived. Once you can trade walking around pulling an overstuffed shopping cart full of laundry (yes through the snow!) with having one in your home...well there's nothing like it!


and can I tell you how awesome it was to have a dishwasher?! It was the first time in MY LIFE that I owned one! Just the thought that I didn't need to stand at the sink washing and rinsing was enough to make me jump for joy!
                                               Image result for hug my dishwasher

So now our dishwasher is in a sort of limbo state of disrepair... and yes, its official...the dishwasher is my one "must have"  with the washing machine a close second.

and I miss her (Yep she's a girl)

I really miss her

I miss her so much...that I'm wondering if I could trade my Teenager's phone for a repair job on it...I'm just thinking out loud and no one here is alarmed at my idea...because everyone is too busy on their phones to hear me anyway.
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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tiny Doll House

  Hello bloggy buddies!

                 I have GOT to get out of this slump!

                            I used to love writing in this blog


             I would spend hours writing a post and eagerly wait for your input.

Now weeks pass by and when I sit down to write...nothing .. absolutely nothing comes to mind.

So today, as boring as it may be I am going to share a little something that I made for my own Mom.

A tiny little dollhouse 

She loves minis...I mean who doesn't!!! 
In Michael's Art and Craft store I found a plain shadow box and thought I could make something sweet. 

In fact I bought two and added a hinge so that it could be closed and put away along with all it's contents. I took some scrap-booking paper and used it as wallpaper. Well, I had so much fun making it and when I gave it to my 80 year old Mom she smiled  and set it up right away.

I felt like a kid who gives their mom a hand made card and feels so proud when she puts it on the fridge....It really took me back

Monday, April 27, 2015

Game Night

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So Last week My husband and I thought it had been a while since we had a family game night.

"Great idea hon" he smiled.

Image result for trouble board game

I was really looking forward to it. When you have two teens in the house...One or both are always running in different directions. These days I feel more like a Chauffeur then a Mom.

So it was settled. We would have a nice dinner and settle down for a good old fashioned game night.

I even went out and bought a few new games to add to out collection....

Image result for Qwirkle

                     and Taboo
        Image result for taboo game

So we finally sat down to have our game night

                       My 13 year-old-son was like
                     Image result for happy teen boy

My seventeen year-old-daughter was like
Image result for mad teen girl

                                                                 My Son
                                  Image result for happy doggy

                                                                 My Daughter
                                                            Image result for bored dog

         You get the picture.

                "This is boring...!" my daughter would say about the game we chose to play.

                "This game is fun" said my Son.

Sooooo we pushed on....

                  We started with quirkle...

                                    My son got right to it
                                             Rave Dance 

My Daughter,...
       cleese tantrum

Stress over SATs and AP tests, and choosing a college are getting to her...

 We played two games and guess who won all...

                                 You got it...
                                    Rave Dance

This week we had the opportunity to play again.

               Everyone was on board.

                  In an age where so much is going wrong in the world....Home should be a place where we can be ourselves, be joyful and loved, even when we are not that lovable at the moment. ...a place where we reconnect when the whole world seems to be out of sync.

                   and maybe win a game against a grumpy teen....sweet!