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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Worst Excuse for not Blogging

Hi All

                It's me

                           The long lost blogger.

I feel like it's been ages. Every time I sit down to write

                                             something else takes my attention away.

OK, true story. 

  I sit down to write...I can't , then I get up and go into the living room and I found Mommy Dearest on Net Flix. It's one of those movies that's so bad...It's like watching a person ice skate for the first time...
                                          Bambi On The Ice     


So instead of writing in my very neglected blog...I watch nearly the whole movie ( Why, I DON'T know) I spend time analyzing and re-doing scenes in my head--I weighed the pros and cons of the movie. I researched a bit about Christina Crawford and why she felt the need to write her book after her famous Mom died and not before.   I wondered why in heaven's name did Faye Dunaway do that thing with her eyes in a scene... Was she tired? Did the director tell her to do the cross-eyed thingy for some kind of effect? 


I mean I spent time on this!!!!

I went back to the computer and tried to write a blog post and  .....NOTHING

I am the worst blogger ever!!!!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring has Sprung ( hardly)... and let the Diet Begin

Spring is finally here!


 The weatherman says we are going to get snow tomorrow!

This winter has set me back.....way back. 

                      The winter blues hit hard.

                      The doldrums sucked the life out of me

                       The dread of snow storms and constant cold and dark made me over eat...'cause what else was there to do anyway?....and no one was going to see the extra pounds under all those layers right right?....wrong!

I neglected my waistline so much that it has been replaced by a spare tire.

I even began to look at the maternity section in Target and thought...."Hmm I wonder if any of that stuff is on sale".

This looks so comfy
             Man I could totally rock this!


Soooo now that it is Spring on the Calender ( someone please let Mother Nature Know and tell her to Knock it off with the snow already!)

I am on a diet.......again

I cant afford a gym membership...or to order those Nutra-System meals either.
 This time My Darling Daughter downloaded the App "My Plate" to my phone....and I have to say it is really helping me stay on track. You put in some info about yourself and you are off.

You simply type in whatever you eat and it will tell you how many calories you have taken in and how much you have left for the rest of the day. You can even scan the bar codes of packages and it will calculate how many calories are there too.

So far I have lost three pounds. I'm not starving myself or trying to lose ten pounds in a week.

My goal is to lose 25-30...in however time it takes me...

                               slow and steady.... 
                                               and maybe this tortoise will finally win the race!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Second Hit of Winter

We woke up to this. 

         A wintery mix of snow and ice added to the two feet of snow that                      fell last week.

              School was cancelled for the third time in a week.

                    Cabin fever is on the horizon.

            How did the early pioneers do it? 
            They did it without proper heated homes and without the                                   luxury of waiting it out while sitting still at home in their jammies?

                                 I imagine that school will be cancelled tomorrow as well.

         I take a few precious minutes to write in this poor neglected blog.

                  I am reading The diary of Mattie Spencer by Sandra Dallas. It is about a newly married woman in the 1800's who goes to claim a homestead out West with her new husband Luke... Right now I'm reading about their first real winter there...seems appropriate considering the weather here now. Poor Mattie, how did she do it?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Artsy Fartsy Friday~ Stop Motion Cooking

             It's been a while. 

                            But I think I have finally found a cool video to show you for Artsy Fartsy Friday.

                                       I LOVE to watch cooking shows!When I was little my mom and I watched the Galloping Gourmet
( do you remember him?) He was a chef full of charisma and would make cooking look like fun. Now, I watch the cooking shows and think "Hey I can whip something like that up in no time flat! Rachel Ray makes it look so easy.

                    and then what really happens?....

                                The dish actually involves me going to several stores to find the ingredients...and damn it all if they don't cost a FORTUNE! Then, the few minutes prep time actually takes hours and the whole kitchen looks like a bomb went off.


             When My then Boyfriend (who is now the Hubster) was on leave from the Army I wanted to make him something special. I made stuffed Avocados filled with marinated Shrimp. The main course was Crab stuffed flounder and for dessert I made (from scratch I might add) a raspberry chocolate mousse cake. This home made dinner and its ingredients cost more than it would have if I had taken him to a restaurant and had someone else cook it!

              I still love cooking shows though and now with Cable TV there are whole channels dedicated to the culinary arts....which brings me to this weeks Art...It combines "cooking" with an Artistic twist...This stop motion film was made by Pes and you'll love it!

                              Western Spaghetti 

                                 Uploaded to You Tube by: PESfilm

Have an Awesome Weekend and cook something Delish!
                                   Blessings, Joanne

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Pull

My Daughter taught herself how to play guitar.

        She would sing in her room too shy to sing in front of us.

            Last summer she told me she felt a "pull" from God.

                 She felt the pull  to start a worship band for the Youth ministry in our church.

                 A few weeks ago she sang with four other youths who have dedicated their time to sing.

                  This shy girl who couldn't even sing in front of her family...sang in front of the whole congregation.

Without adults guiding them these kids have organized themselves and sang like angels.

I am a happy mom yeserie.

This is one of the songs they will be singing soon. It is my very favorite. Sung by Mercy Me~"Greater"   It's one of those songs where you just want to get up and dance with JOY!!!  It just makes me feel so happy!

 Have a blessed day my bloggy buddies

Blessings, Joanne