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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday's Post ( sorry I couldn't think of a better title)

                  Happy Thursday everyone.

                              Sooooo, for a year now..(maybe more) I have struggled to keep up with this blog. I love to write so it baffled me as to why I could not sit and write like before. I kept trying to reignite the spark and poof it was out again before I could even start.

Soooo. I have decided to do one of the following:

                              (1) delete the blog

                    (2) create a new blog


                    (3) Sell everything and move to Alaska

                              (4) none of the above

It's 4. 

I'm requesting a do-over.

A do-over! Why didn't I think of this before? Considering my Christian faith is full of Do-overs ....repenting and forgiveness and starting anew...that's it!

So that's what I'm doing.

Lets begin.

       This is the kind of day where I usually say to myself  " Okie dokie....Let me tackle that laundry and then the kitchen then the basement and while I'm at it... rearrange all the drawers in the whole house!!!!
                                                Image result for cleaning like crazy

I promise myself that all the things that I HAVE to do will Have to wait until I can catch up on all the things I've been dreading to do...

I go downstairs and look at the laundry and climb the mountain of soiled clothes and vow to conquer it and place that flag on the tippity top.

I do one load and forget that it's still in the washing machine hours later.

I go to tackle the basement..."I'm a freakin' ninja!!!!" I tell myself. I'm going to karate, judo,taekwondo the heck out of this place.
                                Mrs doubtfire cleaning

I start to look at the pictures that were never put into photo albums and smile at my silly kids faces on countless halloweens. The place ends up looking worse because of me trying to Organize everything.

then there's the kitchen....but you get the gist.

As I stand there in the kitchen eating a pudding pop wondering what to clean next; I look at my dog who is shedding like crazy and I wonder if there are people out there who create stuff from dog hair...

I went to my computer and Yes, there are.
They have time and energy to make hats from Fido's dander, but I can't seem to find time to fold my clothes and put them AWAY!

I need some kind of stinkin' intervention... and as my friends and family surround me and tell me how my disorganization has affected them negatively...I will put dust cloths and vacuums, and mops in their hands...

Wha? No good?

Darn it, I guess I have to get to work....but wait...

                                   Just one more pudding pop.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Flat's a Mess

I'm not in a bloggy writey mood...haven't been in a long long time.

             I have been in a screamy mood,

                  a cry-ie mood

                     a don't mess with me mood

                           a I can't lose weight mood

                              a can't get organized mood

                                 a downright yucky poo poo mood

and so I thought that maybe if I'm feeling this way there might be others who fe4el the same.

anyhoo, I was searching and searching and found this singer who goes by the name doddleoddle and she is AWESOME! and if you are having a crapola day this little diddy will bring a smile to your face.   Blessings, Joanne


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Boyfriend....done

             As any Mother of a teen daughter will tell you, the era of boyfriends brings with it a whole new nightmare to the plethora of teen issues.

When my daughter first told us that she was interested in a boy and that the boy felt likewise about her well....read for yourself..I posted about it two years ago.. in post-->Mom, there's this boy  
Well, as it turned out her Dad and I were happy with her choice of very first boyfriend. We felt we dodged the bullet that seemed to hit so many of our others friends. They had to deal with disrespectful, lying, manipulative Daughter's boyfriends. We felt blessed that we did not have that same experience.

He was kind
Image result for gentleman bringing flowers

    He went to church and even attended our church a few times
Image result for young couple going to church

        They followed our rules and he acted like a gentleman
                                             Image result for opening car door 50's

                                   I knew it wouldn't last.

They had a good run.

They even went to junior prom together.

I knew his Mom and she knew me...but right before the start of this school year they got together and decided that they were better off as friends...and so far they are. Quite frankly they make older people who have nasty break-ups look like idiots.

 I have to admit I was a bit heartbroken when I was told the news.... and it was not only because I thought so highly of this young man...

Its because I'm dreading future boyfriend #2 !!!!

                                    Image result for edward scissorhands
                               Maybe he'll have a nice personality



Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Pond

             I have always wanted a pond in the back yard. A good friend of mine had a gorgeous pond complete with waterfall and beautiful rocks surrounding the pond. The fish seemed happy and it even attracted a few turtles and frogs.

                                       I want a pond

                            I knew that any pond I would build would have to  be a natural one without a filter or water fall. I finally convinced my husband to clear a spot for me and off I went on my pond making adventure. 

                       It didn't last long.

                The 16 foot pond quickly turned into a teeny three foot one.

                                    I WANT a pond

                                 Pond liners are super expensive.

I didn't let that fact bother me though. I made the pond teensy and used two layers of black thick rubbish bags (that the Hubster uses during fall and spring clean-up) as the pond liner.

I tried to dig really deep but the shrub and tree roots were too much and too thick.

                           I want a POND

I cut the trash bags to fit the hole and collected rocks from around the property to surround my little oasis.

   I filled it up

               and bought some aquatic plants

                        I can't wait to complete my pond!

I went out the next day to buy some fish. 

and waited another day before placing them in the teeny tiny pond...

                      Ya wanna see it?


I told you it was tiny

In the days that followed I started to wonder about how they saw their new world...I mean up until a few days before they were in a tank with artificial light and a pump that oxygenated their water with a constant stream of bubbles.

Now they felt the warmth of the sun.

They snacked on mosquito larvae and any other tiny bug that had the misfortune of falling into their realm 

I wondered what their reaction would be when it rained...I mean think of it...how weird it would be to be underwater during a storm.

So the next time it rained I went and took a little peek-a-loo


I think they like it here.

and I finally got my pond


Friday, September 11, 2015

I Remember


         I remember every second of that day.

                     I remember the faces of the children that would learn that their                           parent had died.

                           I was working in a school and I remember our utter shock                                 and dismay and how hard we tried to hide it from the                                         children.

                                I remember the Hope we felt waiting to see if if someone,                                  anyone could be found alive in all that destruction.

                           I remember feeling frightened

                              I remember feeling a sadness that was palpable and thick.

                                    I remember feeling so angry.

              I remember feeling so proud of those that gave all...who tried valiantly               to save lives.

              I remember a city that came together to show the world that                              they stood firm in spite of the unthinkable and unfathomable

               For as long as I live I WILL ALWAYS Remember and pray that                 it never ever happens again