Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One Closed Door and One Opened Door

A young mother lost her two children.

       In the midst of Hurricane Sandy her home was filling with flood waters. She placed her two children ages 4 and 2 in her car and they fled to her sister's home.

They never made it.

Her car got stuck and she had to abandon it. She clung onto a tree all the while holding onto her two babies.

In her desperation she tried to make it to a nearby home. She  banged on the door for someone to let her in. There was a man inside. In fact he was one of very few that chose to stay on that block.

He did not open the door.

The water climbed higher as she went to the back of the home. I can only imagine the utter desperation as she picked up a flower pot and tried to break the window.

Before she knew it a surge of water came and tore her kids from her grasp. They perished in the waters.

    Days later the man who refused to open the door defended himself stating that it was a man that came to his door; not a woman. I wonder couldn't he hear the desperate wails of this mom? Didn't he see the children? They were probably crying.

He stated "What could I do? I was in flip flops and shorts. I couldn't help anyone."

He could have opened the door.

An opened door would have been all it took for two small innocent lives to be saved.

                                    Just One Opened Door.

Now there is another story

this one is about another door.

The pastor of the church we attend went to the church to see if he could charge his phone there since he too (along with thousands of others) had lost the electricity in his home.
The church had not lost power at all.

 He thought what a blessing. He later wrote in an e-mail...

 "God prompted me to open up the building to the community"

He thought of all the people around  town that had no power.  Some couldn't call worried loved ones (phone lines were down) or for help if they needed to because cell phones had long since run out of charge. Many had no means to make a meal for their families.

He put up this sign on both sides of the church

Then he opened the doors

With the help of his wife, the Youth Pastor and his family they welcomed everyone

People walked in from all over.

They charged their phones

They cooked meals and shared their food.

The doors were opened for all who needed help

I know for many the opened doors to this church was a huge blessing. On Sunday there were a few new faces that came to share their story of how it felt to have those doors open for them.

A door. One man chose to keep it shut

 the other listened to God and kept the door opened

a simple decision made all the difference.

I pray for all the parents who lost children in this disaster.

I pray for those who lost homes

I pray for those who feel lost

I pray for those who choose to keep doors shut. I pray the love of God prompts them to open their doors and let His Light in.



  1. The first story was so terribly sad. I find it so hard to beleive a man would refuse to open his door to a woman with children is such a dire time.

    I have heard other stories about people sharing power. We need more of this unslefishness in our world

  2. Have we become so afraid of our own species that we are afraid to offer help? Sadly, this may be the case.

  3. The first story brought tears to my eyes. The second story dried my eyes. The first man will have to live with himself and it won't be easy!

  4. I'm glad to hear you are OK. I hadn't heard the details of the first story. So sad. It just makes you wonder how people can turn their backs on people in need. God bless your pastor and all those who are helping those in need.

  5. This is a very powerful post. I don't understand how anyone could not open the door to someone in need, but unfortunately, this is the way of the world. Thankfully, the Lord has taught us a better way. Open doors go hand in hand with open, loving hearts.

  6. Wow what a difference opening the door makes

  7. Wow that gives me goose bumps all over my arms, amazing what a door can do

  8. This is the story that weighs heavily on my twins hearts. They each night for the mommy who lost her babies. I am so glad that WE have the same wonderful pastor and just as wonderful church family to belong to.

    God Bless You!

  9. I was appalled to see this story on the news. So awful. I guess the man was scared and just not willing. Such a tragedy. thank God churches do the right thing.

  10. Oh Joanne, that first story makes me cry and feel disgusted. You're a much better person than I am to pray for that man. I always appreciate every element of your posts. YOU are a blessing.


  11. The first story was very sad and difficult to believe someone could actually do that. Your other story brings hope and renews my confidence that there are good people. My prayers are still with the victums in that area.

  12. is this a true story? If yes...that first one breaks my heart...how could he not reach out to help? And to the mom.....how do you live after something like that...losing the most precious thing to you. As for the 2nd story...thank God there are more good people than not. It's what I always tell my kids...and deep in my heart I believe.

  13. Very powerful. I knew about the woman losing her two young boys - so unbelievably heartbreaking. But I had not heard about her knocking on the man's door. He will have to live with his actions and I don't envy him. There was no excuse for his lack of help.

  14. Oh Joanne, the story of the mother and children breaks my heart! I do not understand how someone could NOT answer the door. Even if it had been a man, should he still not have answered the door? Thank the Lord for people like your Pastor. Ones's who put others before themselves. Praying and hoping for all of those who have lost loved ones in this tragic situation.

  15. This made me cry...and it makes us all question our decisions. Will we make the right one when it matters most?

  16. Your pastor opening the door blessed many people and I pray he will be blessed in turn. Open the door is a great message and thanks for this post.


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