Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Marching on and Running Fast

           I have been MIA for a bit. Sorry about that.

                My darling daughter J was competing with her Marching band upstate. 

OK, can I tell you....I had NO idea how hard these kids had to work. They practiced and practiced in the heat of summer and the cold of fall nights to compete every week against neighboring school districts. The very top competition was held in Syracuse New York at the Carrier Dome.
                              The Band marching into the stadium

Of course The Hubster and her brother and I drove the 12 hours+ round trip to see her and the team in competition.

My son, as always cheered her on and was so proud.
                                          I got goose bumps!


                                         Mid routine 


                    All the bands in their category waiting for judges decision

They won fourth place. (I thought they should have won first!!!! what can I say  I'm a bit bias).

Almost every week we sat in the stands sometimes hours and hours to enjoy the band's routine.

Now, on another son joined the school's Cross Country team.

Their meets were quite fast, lasting  maybe 15 minutes or less. My daughter J went to every one.

                           Out of all the pictures I have taken of him in Cross Country...this one is his favorite because I told him he was running sooo fast...even my camera wasn't fast enough to capture his whole image!

Here's where I get a bit of a lump in my addition to Marching band my daughter J volunteered to work the lighting and work on set design for the school play. This entailed staying after school ruining clothes with paint and studying and working on lighting cues. She absolutely loves working on the play.

The last few rehearsals coincided with her brother's Cross Country meets.

She missed one rehearsal knowing full well that she might get in trouble no matter the reason she gave.

She was told that she would lose her position as lights person if she didn't show up to the next rehearsal.

Guess what she did...after all those after school hours volunteering?

She was out on the Cross Country Field with me and her Dad cheering her little brother on.

When I asked her if she minded that someone else was going to take that much anticipated bow at the end of play after all the work she put in...she said 

         " Mom, it was totally worth it. D was there for me the least I could do is be there for him. It made him so happy that we were there cheering."

Sometimes even when you win.


  1. and in this case she and your whole family won something that will keep for years to come

  2. That is so sweet.

    I was in the marching band, too, as a majorette. What does your daughter play?

    Great shots of the field btw!

    1. Hi Alice, she plays clarinet. I took those shots with my brand new camera...a little sony cybershot. I am finally happy with a camera Yahoo!

    2. Congrats on the new camera! My brother played the sax in high school. He was in the Avon Marching Band. I guess they were a pretty big deal in this state at least. Fourth place is very good!

  3. You have raised two wonderful kids. I loved this post!!

    1. Hi Beth Thank you so much...I'm very proud of them

  4. Wow 4th is great.

    My hubs was in the marching band and talks about how much went into it. So much but man seeing the end product is just amazing.

    1. Hi Alexis, They were amazing! I still don't know how they did it without smashing into each other!

  5. So she did not get to finish with the play? What a choice! The marching bands are so cool, I see what you mean about the goosebumps! And I think it is much harder than it looks! So what does she play?

    1. Hi Ginny, no even worse...they wanted her to come in for the last few minutes so she could do lights while everyone else took their bows! I was afraid she would be so sad but she took it with such grace...she is awesome. She plays the clarinet.

  6. Oh the things we do for our kids...yep shoulda been 1st place:) This is a wonderful time of your life with the kiddos involved in so much....enjoy it

  7. There's so much love in your family. With you as Mom, I'm not surprised. Congratulations on your daughter and her team's win. I'm biased too, and I think they should've won first place. But 4th is good too.

    Blessings to you.
    Have a great weekend.


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