Saturday, January 24, 2015

Artsy Fartsy Friday~ Stop Motion Cooking

             It's been a while. 

                            But I think I have finally found a cool video to show you for Artsy Fartsy Friday.

                                       I LOVE to watch cooking shows!When I was little my mom and I watched the Galloping Gourmet
( do you remember him?) He was a chef full of charisma and would make cooking look like fun. Now, I watch the cooking shows and think "Hey I can whip something like that up in no time flat! Rachel Ray makes it look so easy.

                    and then what really happens?....

                                The dish actually involves me going to several stores to find the ingredients...and damn it all if they don't cost a FORTUNE! Then, the few minutes prep time actually takes hours and the whole kitchen looks like a bomb went off.


             When My then Boyfriend (who is now the Hubster) was on leave from the Army I wanted to make him something special. I made stuffed Avocados filled with marinated Shrimp. The main course was Crab stuffed flounder and for dessert I made (from scratch I might add) a raspberry chocolate mousse cake. This home made dinner and its ingredients cost more than it would have if I had taken him to a restaurant and had someone else cook it!

              I still love cooking shows though and now with Cable TV there are whole channels dedicated to the culinary arts....which brings me to this weeks Art...It combines "cooking" with an Artistic twist...This stop motion film was made by Pes and you'll love it!

                              Western Spaghetti 

                                 Uploaded to You Tube by: PESfilm

Have an Awesome Weekend and cook something Delish!
                                   Blessings, Joanne


  1. What an unusual and strange video! I used to watch Graham Kerr!! He was the Galloping Gourmet, right? The last I heard of him, he had a heart attack and had changed his cooking to very healthy. We watch Top Chef, The Worst Cooks In America, Master get the idea.

    1. Hi Ginny , yes I think that was his name. We love The Taste. I have to watch the worst cooks in America. I keep forgetting to put it my DVR


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