Tuesday, April 05, 2016

There Are a Few Seconds...

               There are a few seconds...( maybe even a whole minute) in the morning when I feel nothing.

I feel floaty
                           Image result for floaty feeling

     I feel calm

          I feel no pain.

I lay there without moving a muscle ....simply aware of my breathing.

I'm not hot or cold

I feel just right.
                          Image result for goldilocks

My shoulders don't ache from arthritis

My displaced muscles (where I had my mastectomy years ago) don't hurt.

My back doesn't twitch and twist

My head doesn't pound.
                                    Image result for headache cartoon

I feel nothing.

and it is in that moment that I realize...

There was a time when I felt just like this....floaty and pain free...all the time.

For about a minute this morning I felt this.

I felt that maybe just maybe...my body would forget its battle scars and let me  be ME again.
                      Image result for feeling free

But as the seconds ticked by my body remembered, and gave into the twinges and pulls.

I thanked her for the memories and moved to start my day.



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