Monday, June 06, 2016


                    Yep, I'm one of those people.

                                          I don't like to ask for ...
                                                            Image result for help

               I just don't

                                and that's bad...very bad

                                But I LOVE to help others
                                Image result for helping others

                                                and that's good... very good.

Soooooo what happens to the person that likes to help and never asks for help?

People think that you never need help...that's what.

               They think that you have it all figured out
                                Image result for confusing signs

                                         I sure don't

                  They think nothing fazes you
                                 Image result for crying over nothing

                  They're WRONG WAHHHHHHHHH!


             They think I'm super organized because I help them with their messes
                                   Image result for organiser who cant clean her own house

                I need lists to remind me of other lists...and those lists are under                               tons of lists that I have ignored for months

I always think that problems of others (even if they are the same as mine) are bigger and more in need of attention...but as my Sister-in-Law always says....

" A pebble in a shoe is a pebble in a shoe" Which means dear bloggy buddy, that everyone has problems and some might seem bigger but even the seemingly small ones bother and hurt.

Recently, I have decided to lay it all out there... and ask for help when I need it.

Ya know what happened when I tried to open my mouth? Another person opened theirs first....and lets just say that I will keep that pebble in my shoe a little while longer, while I go and help my friend with their boulder.
                                                               Image result for a pebble in a shoe is a pebble in a shoe


  1. A pebble in a shoe vs. a boulder in a shoe, yes, the boulder needs attention right away, as you said.

    1. Hi Terra, thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome day.... Hopefully there'll be no boulders or pebbles in it! 😊

  2. You are putting others before yourself, which is selfless and commendable. It is the life of a true Christian. But at the same time, we need a balance in our life so that our life is uncluttered. I, myself have struggled with this. When do you draw the line at helping people, when do you ever put yourself first? I have found that prayer helps, asking God to let us know how much is enough. But there is no easy answer. We are put here to help others, so is more better all the time?

    1. Hi Ginny, I completely understand! I am trying to balance it a bit more. I still have such a hard time asking for about we pray for each other! We can ask for strength!!!😊


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