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Saturday, September 02, 2017


               So, I've been blocked

                                       On Instagram

                                                    by my Daughter.

                                                         Image result for blocked on instagram

Seems I had an opinion about a few pictures she had posted. They weren't horrendous or vastly inappropriate...but still.

I didn't like them, and I told her as much

She said "I will block you as long as you keep giving me your opinion on my pictures."

Did she actually think I was one of THOSE moms? the ones who bend and bow in any direction just so that their kids will like them and not be angry with them?

How could she think that?

I was the mom who (when their kids acted out in the store) I would say "You do that one more time and we are leaving!" They did and so I DID. I would leave with them.

I was not afraid of tantrums or later...the angry silent treatment.

So she blocked me from Instagram.....It hurt

"Mama, I just don't like your opinions on my pictures. If you could just keep those opinions to yourself then I'll unblock you"

I considered what she said carefully and I  weighed my options....I mean she is a young lady of 19 and is considered an adult. I thought and I thought and I thought.

  My reply?

"I thought of your terms and think you had better just go ahead and block me from Facebook too."

Image result for blocked on facebook

                                        Still waiting for her reply.


  1. Oh gosh, I am sorry about this. For me, when our kids are all grown up, we have to keep our opinions to ourselves unless asked. After the way you raised her, she pretty much KNOWS what is too much, but will do what she wants. I hope you both can find peace.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Ginny, So happy to hear from you!!! Its a learning process for me....a huge learning process! LOL!

  3. I feel for anyone raising kids in the internet world. Unchartered territory. I have no answers, good luck


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