Friday, January 18, 2013


The night we told my husband's family that we were going to have our first baby was awesome. I had made pop up cards for everyone and inside it simply said...Congratulations you are going to be a ....Grandma ,Grandpa Uncle...etc

I noticed that my Father-in-law had a happy but almost worried look on his face.
                               Norman Rockwell

He is a worrier.

He started to talk about how this was going to change our worry-free lives forever.

As My belly grew so did his worries.

           He worried that we weren't ready financially for a child.

           He worried about us not having a house yet.

           He worried that I may go back to work too soon

worry worry worry

There was something else too...I just couldn't put my finger on it. There was definitely something else.

Before we knew it I was in labor and my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world.

We had a good part of the day to ourselves before grandparents were allowed to visit.

Right before Grandparent's visiting hour, My Father-in-law stood right before the closed maternity ward doors anxiously waiting for them to open.

My Mom (who had just arrived there) witnessed (as the doors opened) my Father-in-law racing down the hall leaving everyone in the proverbial dust.

He raced to the nursery window and gazed at his baby grand daughter

In his thick Italian accent he said

             " Oooo She isa so beautiful, She looka like-a doll."

About a year later during one of our one to one talks he admitted that when we told him we were expecting he suddenly felt that he was too "young" to be a grandpa...( people, the man was about 65) but I understood though, I knew what he meant. The news made him think of his own mortality. He suddenly went from being a Dad to Grandpa.

Then he said something that touched my heart

                    "You know, I didn't feel ready to be a Grandfather, but when I saw J. When I saw her...I just fell in love."

He's a toughie, and quite blunt with his opinions at times, but that hard shell melts away when he is with his Grand kids...he lives for them. When they were little he would make them ramen soup and they lovingly called it "Grandpa soup".

They called him "Pop pop" for the longest time and I was sad when then graduated to calling him "Grandpa".  As babies they would steal his glasses from his pocket and in the summer they would over-water the flowers in his garden. He was the first one to introduce them to chocolate and then would complain that they were hyper! Three years ago he was blest with another Grandchild and he delights in her sweet voice and cute giggle. 

This week he had a Heart attack. He has a long history of cardiac issues. It seems every year or year and a half he is in the hospital for one thing or another.  This week, at hearing the news of their Grandfather's hospitalization kids and I held hands and prayed.

We prayed for Grandpa's health

We prayed for Doctors to be blest to make right decisions

We prayed that God would allow Grandpa to stay with us.

God's answer was....


 Tonight Grandpa told my Husband to let the kids know that he loves them

                               and they love you too Grandpa

                               Norman Rockwell "Grandpa and Children"


  1. I hope your father in law recovers quickly and is home soon.
    There is a special bond between grandparents and thier grand kids.
    I have wonderful memories of time with my grandparents and I know my children adore thier grandparents.

    1. Thanks Mynx, he is home now and so happy to be there!

  2. I'm so glad Grandpa is okay.

  3. What a sweet story. He sound like a wonderful grandpa. I hope he stays with you for many years.

  4. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that God's answer was yes!

    1. Hi Tyrean, yes we are grateful too!

  5. A lovely story. My best wishes for Grandpa's good health.

  6. Joanne, this is such a beautiful tribute to your FIL. Sounds like he is a wonderful man. I am so glad that he recovered and has more time to spend with you. I will have him in my prayers.

  7. You told that so beautifully. I will keep your father-in-law in my prayers. They are doing wonders for the heart as I was the recipient of open heart surgery 4 years ago and doing very well now. I understand the realization of feeling your mortality. My grand-daughter turned 17 last November and the other grand-daughter turns 17 next month. The time goes so fast!

    1. Wow Barb I had no idea you had gone through open heart surgery. He had that about 17 years ago and it was awful! Thank God this time he just had the catherization and another stent put in. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.

  8. So glad that he is doing well. Beautiful story!

  9. This story gave me goosebumps. I wish I had a grandpappy (they died very young). Grandparents are so special. It's strange, too, how folks our age are now grandparents, so I understand his reaction to your pregnancy. I'm glad he's okay.


  10. A wonderful event in your family's history! Having a grandpa like that is a true blessing. We are grandpa/ma now, and I can't tell you how rich we feel.

  11. My dad loves having his grandchildren around the grown ones and the babies he loves it when he has not only his grandchildren but great grandchildren around him..........When he got lung cancer it was the thought of having 3 babies born that kept him going and when they were born he was so happy of course those 3 are all now 3yrs old and he has another 4month old granddaughter and a 4 month old greatgranddaughter...........and a great grandson who will turn 1 next month.......oh and dad is only

  12. What a beautiful and touching post my dear. the love of a child can sure do it to you everytime. My prayers are with him, I read above he is home I pray that he stays on the mend.

  13. What a beautiful word you wrote "YES", and how sweet that he fell in love with his first grandchild.


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