Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Another rainy night here and I am feeling a bit

I can't help it.

       I must have passed by it a thousand times in the last week and today of all days I stepped on the dreaded scale.

        It kind of made this sound

Why did I do it?

 I was minding my own business, thinking that perhaps I had actually lost weight while eating all those carbs... 

...and the scale screamed that I was wrong. It says that I am no longer pleasantly plump, no longer fluffy

             It says that I'm.....I'm just fat.

  So the truth has slapped me in the face and those numbers on the scale taunt me like a playground bully

What to do what to do.

There is only one thing to do. 

I have got to put on my stretchy exercise sweats

I have got to roll up my sleeves

I have got to be committed to make that change.

                        That's right.

                I'm throwing out that scale!


  1. Good for you. I threw mine out years ago. Much more relaxed now.

  2. We have a scale but only because my hubbie wanted it? When i get on it I too feel blue. I am trying to get back into shape, i started in early Dec, to not eat as much meat any more and change my eating habbits. Im also starting a exercise class on Monday. I just had my 43rd B-day, so I hope they dont mind a out of shape lady in there class lol. I try and leave it all in God`s hands, he just has more to love than before.lol

    Hope your feeling better soon,
    Happy New Year,

  3. Relax! The insurance companies have lowered the weight limit way more than is really actual. Take their weight advice and add ten to twenty pounds, and THAT is what you should be..

  4. I have so many doctor visits that I am constantly getting weighed. I weigh a different weight on each scale. Scales are not to be trusted. :-)

  5. I avoid my scales like the plague. I am certain they would not be kind to me either

  6. I feel the same way about the scales. I think it is hard. It is a day by day process. Try and do the right things. If you fall off the wagon, brush yourself off and get on again.

    1. Oh Barb, I feel like the wagon rolled over Me! Lol

  7. Oh girl...why do we let the scale determine our mood for the day like that??? You have it right...just buckle up and take control of your life and your health...perhaps a salad will be a good start...thanks for stopping by today!

  8. Haha! I love it. I've been working out and dieting, and so far the scale keeps lying to me. That scale is SO out of here!

  9. It sure can sneak up on you...been there...done that! Enjoy your week, my friend!

  10. Good idea. I wish we could just ignore those numbers. I hate how they literally keep creeping up on us.

  11. Don't let that scale run your life. There are other numbers out there.

  12. I had to laugh at the punchline. Losing weight is almost impossible, sad to say.


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