Monday, April 15, 2013

Battle Cry~~~Me and I


                 about a week ago I told you about my Daughter's interest in a certain werewolf boy.

I wrote how I reacted and I must say I reacted quite well under the circumstances.

Calm and cool on the outside


                        but on the inside was another story.


so now it begins....

                                   The war with myself.

...a civil war of sorts between my mind and heart.

The Mind yells..."Let her be! She is growing up and nothing you do will stop it! accept it and go on."

The Heart says...."But she's just a baby!"

Mind:  "No she isn't! She's fifteen and this is all normal."

Heart: "But that's just it.....she is ONLY fifteen!"

Mind:  "You'll get over it."

Heart: "Shut up!"

Mind: "No, you shut up!"

Heart: "I'll just forbid her to grow up...just long enough for me to catch up emotionally to all these changes."

Mind: "You're an idiot! Just wait until she starts to drive...which will be in less than a year by the way."

Heart: "Oh you're goin' DOWN sista! Get ready for a royal butt kickin'! "
                                 Lucy Puts Up A Fight

    Fight ensues

                until someone steps in to put the fight on hold

 "Hey! Hey! Stop it! You guys need to put your differences aside and meet on common ground! I have just the thing."

                          ...Now where's the chocolate?" Yells the Stomach.


  1. Oh...remember the word compromise!!!

    1. Hi Ginny, its hard when you're a nutty mom! Lol

  2. First dates should be with a group of young folks she has known for a while...that should take the pressure off both of you lol.

  3. Group dates are the best approach. Like at a church dance or a movie or pizza.

    1. Hi Delores and Susan, yep her dad and I already told her absolutely no alone time with the werewolf I mean...boy.

  4. You have described so well how a Mom feels about her babies growing up. I remember those days...a distant memory too fast. It is not the end though, nice to have young adults for me

    1. Hi Kim, thanks does that mean I'm not going crazy?lol!

  5. aw it's hard being a mom of a child growing up hugs

  6. Hi Joanne, I have not made it over to visit for some time. Weird though, I think of you often. Just the other day I thought I need to hop over and visit. Seems like keeping up with comments on my blog restricts me from getting around much. This post made me laugh. I know, not a laughing matter. But let me tell you sweetie. If you forbid her to see him she will want to even more. Why do we always want the forbidden fruit? lol! She'll probably grow tired of him on her own. Of course, no guarantees.

  7. I'm so not looking forward to dating. I'm having a hard enough time with my head strong and stubborn 9 year old! UGH


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