Saturday, April 20, 2013

Artsy Fartsy Friday (on Sat.) ~~~ Dove Beauty Sketches

How do you see yourself?

             If you had to describe your face to someone who couldn't see you ...what would you say?

 How do others see you?

         If you had to guess how others would describe you...would your version and theirs be the same?

        A few years back I attended a Mother/Daughter brunch with my then 10-year-old girl. My daughter was wearing a sweet outfit and I wore a new blouse for the occasion.  I felt that I looked good. Later on I looked at pictures of myself and thought...

"UGH...I've gained so much weight"

     My face seemed fuller and I thought I should have applied more makeup. I was a bit bummed at how delusional I must have been to think that a new blouse would change the fact that my body was different. I brushed away those yucky thoughts and concentrated on my darling Daughter's beautiful smile and how much fun we had sharing that day together.

Later my daughter and husband looked at the pictures on my camera and my sweet little girl said "Oh momma you look so pretty in that blouse."

She was seeing her mom wearing a pretty blouse. That is all she saw. She didn't see the weight gain or the fuller face and my need for more make-up. She just saw her Mom who was wearing a pretty blouse.   


You might have seen this already, but this video was sent to me by my best friend and I thought it was perfect for My weekly Artsy Fartsy Fridays post. I'm sorry it's a bit late.

            I give you Dove Beauty Sketches

           Posted to You Tube by: fahluv11

                   Now Let me ask you again....How do you see yourself?


  1. I did see that actually....I thought it was really interesting.

  2. I have no idea how I see myself. When I look in the mirror it is as if my mother is looking back at me.

  3. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. And for some reason, men do not seem to think near as much about their appearance as women do.

  4. i saw that and found it very interesting

  5. I saw this earlier also. It is amazing to think of how different others view us. I love how your daughter loved how you looked. Why are we so critical about ourselves?

  6. guess we can learn a lot about ourselves by just thinking about this question!!!

  7. I just reconnected with an old friend who is the stage manager for this play. I went on and on about my sagging neck, etc. and she just looked at me and said "I didn't notice any of that."
    Enough said.


  8. Wow.
    Thanks for this.
    You ARE beautiful, Joanne!!! Your beautiful and loving family is a testament to that.

  9. I am just now catching up. That was really interesting. Thankfully other people don't seem as critical about how we look and it seems others see us in a different and most of the time a better way than we do ourselves.

  10. Oh Girl, I'm there with you always seeing the worst in pictures of myself! Heck even looking into the mirror can be hard. I must say I did see a pic of myself this weekend that I actually liked and wanted to tag myself for FB ... lol

  11. I never see myself the way others do. When I was overweight for years, I didn't see it. (Isn't that weird? Denial works nicely sometimes.) Now that I'm an okay weight, I see every pound I gain, and it looks like a ton of lard.


  12. Wow, Joanne! I just want to thank you for posting this. What a powerful message it sends and such an important one, too.

  13. I just had to let you know they showed this in church this past weekend. We've been talking about labels and what God see's vs we and other's around us see.

    So powerful! Made me smiling thinking you posted this. <3


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