Monday, September 22, 2014


           Well Hello out there in Blogger world....How the heck have you been? I have missed being here so much. Now....last time I wrote about my hubby's car dying and how it cost us a pretty penny to get it fixed. I felt a giant sigh of relief when we finally picked the car up.

well, that feeling lasted about two weeks....

           because look what happened.....
Yup,...I was involved in a car accident. I was traveling north and a young lady driving a caravan was traveling south when (for whatever reason) she wasn't going to yield to traffic going in the opposite direction and she tried to make a quick left. Maybe it was lack of experience...I don't know...all I know is that I tried to avoid her and boom...
I am grateful.
Because no one was hurt. My daughter was in the car with me. and you know what?
even though the airbags deployed, our faces never hit them. Our seatbelts were enough to stop us.
My friend said that maybe God put me there at that very moment because he knew another driver might have driven faster and therefore someone might have been hurt...or worse.
So...ok my car is totaled. They can't repair it. The young lady's car has a nice big dent.
Most importantly...
 my daughter, the young lady and I left without a scratch on us.
Thank You God!


  1. I am glad everyone is OK. Sometimes we never know why these things happen but God was watching over you.

  2. WHERE is my comment? Maybe you have moderation...

  3. What a blessing! Do either of you have insurance? It was her fault, so her insurance should pay.

    1. We both have insurance, and her insurance will cover some but not all.

  4. The best outcome for a nasty situation.


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