Saturday, November 29, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Friday~ Decorative Candles

       I used to love lighting candles (BC- before Children).  In fact when we had people over I used to make sure I had candles lit in almost every room in the house. My Father-in law would go around blowing them out because he thought we were going to burn the house down! 

Anyhoo, Recently I started to buy them again and I came across this video on how decorative candles are made. I find it fascinating and rather please enjoy. 

                            Posted to You Tube by: Moe Sal

               Wasn't that just awesome?! Now this year it's our turn to host for Christmas...hey wanna make a bet on how many candles my Father-in-law will blow out before I catch him red handed?

                Have a sweet weekend!
                                             Blessings, Joanne


  1. We've given up on live flames and use strictly battery operated candles and tea lights. Much safer with tippy old folks, rambunctious grands and hyper pets.

    1. Hi Delores,I have seen some battery candles that look so real. I would like to buy those too!

  2. Something I have never seen before! Do you have any of this kind? I hope you are having a great holiday season!!

    1. I do have one Ginny, it was an all-white candle and we used it for my wedding ceremony, but I would sure like to own one of the colorful ones...they are beautiful! I hope you are having a wonder Holiday as well!


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