Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Fling

       Summer woo'ed me
                               Image result for sun giving flowers 

                                and I fell hard
                                              Image result for in love face 

                                               we held hands
                                                              Image result for summer holding hands 

                                                             and he kissed my cheek
                                                                            Image result for sunburn cartoons 

I wrote in my diary all about our romance.
                                  Image result for dear diary im in love

            I thought it would last forever

                  now he says he's going to leave me

                        He says that it was fun but now he's off to woo someone else

He says he'll be back next year and wondered if I will wait for him

        He dumps me and then wants me to wait.....

          well, what kind of girl does he think I am???

                      who am I kidding?... of course i'll wait...but that doesn't mean I can't date a bit...

There's this guy...He's kind of cold, but so handsome...yep He'll do

                                           Image result for autumn man

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