Friday, September 04, 2015

Bugged Out

                Summer is on it's way out.

                               I'm really sad about that.

I however won't let go until my toes feel the crisp snow as I refguse to give up my flip flops...It happens every year...I clutch onto summer and I am dragged kicking and screaming into Autumn.

It's been a good summer.

          We went on our year "Camping Trip" ....I added quotations because their was no tent...It was a big beautiful cabin.

They knocked down the cottage we usually rent and we were so pleasantly suprised that This was the cabin they built on the site.

there was just one itsy bitsy teensy weensy problem though...

every night without fail TWO,,,,not one , but TWO Prehistoric gargantuan Crickets would find their way into the cabin
                                                    Image result for giant crickets


Ok the Hubster came to the rescue...

after the second night of the cricket invasion...(ok only two) but still...

I was on guard.

You see I have this problem...BUGS seem to LOVE me!

On the second day I was taking a shower and since I can't wear my glasses in the shower I thought the wood chip that feLl from the wooden  beam was a giant spider! Was I calm, cool collected?...NO!
I screamed, stepped backwards, tripped and fell. My husband came running and there I was looking like a beached seal struggling to get my slippery naked body up from the floor.

As night fell on our third night there my husband lit a campfire and the kids were there too and they all roasted marshmallows and made schmoes (that's what we call them). I decided to take advantage of the peace and quiet and stay in the cabin and read my book. I was barely done with the first page when a BEE pinged me on the head....

                    A BEE 

                             at NIGHT... 

                                     INDOORS pinged me in the head!

I frantically waved it away and it disappeared. The kids and hubby came in after the fire went out and I told the hubster about the bee...then my sweet son said

                                   "Oh thats nothing Mom, you should have seen the size of the bug that flew in earlier!"


                            I LOST IT!!!!

I stood in the middle of the room with arms crossed and announced to my family that 


I had had it! I had been chased, pinged  in the head, and flopped around naked on a bathroom floor in utter terror...that bug would be found or else!

Well after my husband found two grasshoppers, one daddy-longlegs, and one BEE... he finally found the elusive Dino-bug.

I was relieved but it was that night That I realized that I was NEVER going to be completely comfortable camping. ...and that I have supplied my family with enough stories about my camping ineptness to last for generations to come.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation with the exception of the bugs. I don't like bugs either and I am not fond of camping. It's funny because I think I would like camping if it weren't for the bugs. Enjoy the rest of the season. I'm sorry I haven't been by your blog because of things we have been going through with helping my husband recover from his stroke. He is doing better every day. Keep on camping. I always enjoy your stories.

    1. So sorry to hear about your husband. I will keep him in prayer. I just started writing again. And I have to say I am a bit rusty! Thank you for dropping by!

  2. LOL I'd be the same way. Some bugs I can deal with outside a window but inside nope!!

    1. Alexis I was a wreck! I nearly suffocated because I kept the sleeping bag over my head!!!

  3. Thank you Joanne. I just saw this reply and read your post today. You're not rusty at all. Your heart shines through your words.


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