Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Pond

             I have always wanted a pond in the back yard. A good friend of mine had a gorgeous pond complete with waterfall and beautiful rocks surrounding the pond. The fish seemed happy and it even attracted a few turtles and frogs.

                                       I want a pond

                            I knew that any pond I would build would have to  be a natural one without a filter or water fall. I finally convinced my husband to clear a spot for me and off I went on my pond making adventure. 

                       It didn't last long.

                The 16 foot pond quickly turned into a teeny three foot one.

                                    I WANT a pond

                                 Pond liners are super expensive.

I didn't let that fact bother me though. I made the pond teensy and used two layers of black thick rubbish bags (that the Hubster uses during fall and spring clean-up) as the pond liner.

I tried to dig really deep but the shrub and tree roots were too much and too thick.

                           I want a POND

I cut the trash bags to fit the hole and collected rocks from around the property to surround my little oasis.

   I filled it up

               and bought some aquatic plants

                        I can't wait to complete my pond!

I went out the next day to buy some fish. 

and waited another day before placing them in the teeny tiny pond...

                      Ya wanna see it?


I told you it was tiny

In the days that followed I started to wonder about how they saw their new world...I mean up until a few days before they were in a tank with artificial light and a pump that oxygenated their water with a constant stream of bubbles.

Now they felt the warmth of the sun.

They snacked on mosquito larvae and any other tiny bug that had the misfortune of falling into their realm 

I wondered what their reaction would be when it rained...I mean think of weird it would be to be underwater during a storm.

So the next time it rained I went and took a little peek-a-loo

I think they like it here.

and I finally got my pond


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