Friday, September 11, 2015

I Remember


         I remember every second of that day.

                     I remember the faces of the children that would learn that their                           parent had died.

                           I was working in a school and I remember our utter shock                                 and dismay and how hard we tried to hide it from the                                         children.

                                I remember the Hope we felt waiting to see if if someone,                                  anyone could be found alive in all that destruction.

                           I remember feeling frightened

                              I remember feeling a sadness that was palpable and thick.

                                    I remember feeling so angry.

              I remember feeling so proud of those that gave all...who tried valiantly               to save lives.

              I remember a city that came together to show the world that                              they stood firm in spite of the unthinkable and unfathomable

               For as long as I live I WILL ALWAYS Remember and pray that                 it never ever happens again

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