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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Boyfriend....done

             As any Mother of a teen daughter will tell you, the era of boyfriends brings with it a whole new nightmare to the plethora of teen issues.

When my daughter first told us that she was interested in a boy and that the boy felt likewise about her well....read for yourself..I posted about it two years ago.. in post-->Mom, there's this boy  
Well, as it turned out her Dad and I were happy with her choice of very first boyfriend. We felt we dodged the bullet that seemed to hit so many of our others friends. They had to deal with disrespectful, lying, manipulative Daughter's boyfriends. We felt blessed that we did not have that same experience.

He was kind
Image result for gentleman bringing flowers

    He went to church and even attended our church a few times
Image result for young couple going to church

        They followed our rules and he acted like a gentleman
                                             Image result for opening car door 50's

                                   I knew it wouldn't last.

They had a good run.

They even went to junior prom together.

I knew his Mom and she knew me...but right before the start of this school year they got together and decided that they were better off as friends...and so far they are. Quite frankly they make older people who have nasty break-ups look like idiots.

 I have to admit I was a bit heartbroken when I was told the news.... and it was not only because I thought so highly of this young man...

Its because I'm dreading future boyfriend #2 !!!!

                                    Image result for edward scissorhands
                               Maybe he'll have a nice personality




  1. LOL......keep your fingers crossed :)

    1. I think I have had them crossed since she turned 13! LOL!

  2. We recently acquired boyfriend #2, and I must say it has been MUCH better than boyfriend #1. #1 wasn't bad - he just wasn't a good boyfriend. He never thought of her, he missed Valentine's and wouldn't hold her hand if her father and I were around. #2 was a friend first and he always treated her politely. Now that he's her boyfriend he thinks of her, asked her to homecoming publicly and in a cute way. He hugs her in front of me and is always polite. I hope you have a good #2 in the future.

    1. Awwww he's sounds like a keeper! So sweet!

  3. Ahh the first, yes just the beginning of growing up! Sounds good so far

    1. Yes, her Dad and I have been blessed for sure!


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